Are there enough angry voters to propel Mr Trump to the presidency? The simple answer is yes. Even before it was revealed that Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival, is suffering from pneumonia, the race had tightened. Mr Trump has closed the 8 point post-convention gap between him and his opponent and is three points behind her nationally.

He has pulled level in Florida, the largest of the vital swing states. Several other states that were trending towards Mrs Clinton, such as Ohio, have moved back into the “too close to call” category.

Yet if the race continues on its current course, Mr Trump will still lose because Mrs Clinton is ahead or tied in every state that went for President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Nevertheless, her negatives continue to rise. She is regarded unfavourably by about 55 per cent of the electorate. No Democratic nominee in modern history has ever had an unfavourability rating that high.

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Photo via Michael Vadon