17 MAR 17 – Executive Intelligence Summary

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  1. Casey says

    Very well done! PIR 4 made a lot of sense and I am glad that you are going for a more balanced set up to show both sides. I too have followed the Gloom and Doom crowd which encouraged me to pull 90% of my 401K out of stocks and into the cash fund Aug of 2015. A week later the market tanked but has slowly come back up and then some. The Trump Effect seems to be holding things steady (for now).
    I have been informing my peers of the IDG organization and when they look at the web page they are dumb founded. Also point out “Why do you think the media refused to call the self proclaimed Anarchist/Communist what they are instead of “Antifascist”? Were they that kind to the TEA Party? Nope. Keep the info coming!

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