The Ukrainian President has warned that Russia’s latest military drill shows it is preparing its forces for war in Eastern Europe.

“In fact, there is more and more evidence for its preparations for an offensive war of continental proportions.”

“Under the guise of strategic command exercises, we are not ruling out the creation of a new assault group of Russian troops to strike Ukrainian territory,” he said. “Some 2,000 transporters with soldiers and equipment have approached and are approaching our borders. There is no guarantee that after the end of these manoeuvres all this will return to Russia.”

Why it’s on our radar: Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko is admittedly biased against Russia, however, Russian forces do have a recent history of launching invasions under the pretext of a military exercise.  Earlier this week, Russia’s Chief of General Staff met with the chairman of the NATO military committee to allay fears of an invasion.  Still, the Zapad 2017 exercise will be monitored closely by NATO forces as the U.S. shifts its strategy of assuring European forces to deterring Russian forces.

Source: Russia is preparing for huge war with west, warns Ukrainian President