This report is a roll-up of activity from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist, and other indicators that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right from 11 December. This report includes activities in Washington State, Indiana, Portland (OR), and Austin (TX) this past weekend. This report is for subscribers of Low Intensity Conflict.

Washington: Puget Sound Anarchists detailed how on April 20th they poured concrete on the train tracks leading out of the Port of Olympia. “We also were emboldened by the spirit of all those who have risen against the white supremacist police in Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland and elsewhere, as well as by the riotous opposition that has characterized the first few months of Donald Trump’s reign.” [Source:]

University of Notre Dame: Students of the Indiana school witnessed a banner drop that read- “This is Potawatomi land! F*ck the KKKolumbus murals!” The Christopher Columbus murals in question, displayed at the university’s main admin building entrance, have been the subject of a campaign to remove them for the past year. [Source:]

Kate Steinle Memorial Protests: Antifa violently attacked two memorial marches for Kate Steinle, the woman murdered by an illegal alien, in Portland and Austin on Saturday.

Austin clashes ended with three state troopers injured and four members of Antifa arrested, including two felony charges of “Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer”.

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