This report is a roll-up of activity from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist, and other indicators that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right from 22 December. Activities included are from San Francisco and Oakland, California, Connecticut, and generally/nationally.

San Francisco Terror Plot: FBI arrested a man who was planning Christmas terror attack on the San Francisco Pier 39.  According to the FBI, Everitt Aaron Jameson from Modesto picked out the location because he “had been there before and knew it was a heavily crowded area. He added that it would be easy to ‘funnel’ people into an area where he could inflict casualties.” Additionally his Facebook Profile shows he was a white converted Muslim with Facebook likes pertaining to Islam, Communism, Antifa, and anarchism. (Source:


Everitt Aaron Jameson


Oakland: Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman was sent back to jail Thursday after his bail was increased to $400,000. Chapman was pulled over by a park ranger and found with a Kubaton keychain self defense weapon which the prosecution claims is a deadly weapon. “This is purely politically motivated,” they are trying to take me off of the streets and limit my political activism. They want to silence me and make the process of fighting this case as difficult as possible.” (Source:

Trinity College: Despite the pressure from Trinity College alumni to fire a radical professor, Johnny Eric Williams is set to return after several months of paid leave. Williams expressed various anti-white statements such as,“whiteness needs to die,” and claimed to be the founder of the Campus Anti-Fascist Network (CAN), a group backed by the Sociology Department at Trinity. At the moment a petition has been creating calling form Williams’ termination with threats of withholding funding for the school. (Source:

Antifa: Keven Van Meter, author of the book Guerrillas of Desire, explains in the tradition of autonomous Marxism the concept of everyday resistance. Once a volunteer for ACORN, Van Meter cites his experience in the leftist movement and how they can contribute to revolution. “These new antifascist projects are coming out of some existing social sphere, so the question is what that sphere is. What things are taking place in our communities that could provide new approaches?” (Source:


Notable Activities:

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