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Alt-Observer – Daily Roll-Up For 01 February 2018

This report is a roll-up of activity from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist, and other ‘alternative’ political groups that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right for Thursday, 1 February 2018. Activities included are from Minnesota, Texas, Russia, California, Michigan, and Ohio.


Minnesota: Black Lives Matter and Antifa have vowed to target Super Bowl LII on Sunday in Minnesota. The groups dropped banners on Monday at the Super Bowl LII media event that said “#WeReadyWeComin”, and hundreds of protestors marched outside in the streets blocking traffic. According to one of their Facebook pages, nineteen different leftist organizations are uniting to protest the Super Bowl every day leading up to the event and that “Their plans will culminate on Sunday, February 4, with a 3pm rally at Peavey Park (Franklin & Chicago Ave), followed by a march to US Bank Stadium.” So far 3,000 people have marked themselves as interested in attending the protest. In response to this threat, the FBI has stated that they are preparing for a potential terror attack organized by Antifa and BLM at the event. (Source: (Source:

Antifa: In light of the recent AMTRAK train that carried Republican members of Congress crashing, Antifa has since deleted articles that were posted on one of it’s websites that openly discussed targeting AMTRAK trains. (Source:


Notable Activities:

Dallas: An upcoming court case could be the first prosecution of a Black Identity Extremist. Christopher Daniels was arrested in his home on December 12th, 2017 after two years of FBI surveillance. The FBI had been investigating Daniels, who is known in the Dallas black community as “Rakem Balogun,” for possible terrorist threats due to his “Black Idenity Extremist” views. Inside Daniels’ apartment was a Taurus Protector Poly 38 Special and a Norinco AK-style assault rifle, which are illegal for him to possess due to a past misdemeanor conviction. The FBI also confiscated a book called Negroes With Guns, by Robert F. Williams, who is a civil rights leader and an advocate of an armed uprising against the perceived racial oppression of blacks in America by whites. According to the FBI, Daniels has been under investigation since appearing at an anti-police/pro-second amendment rally in Austin. Footage of the rally depicts protestors open carrying firearms and chanting things like “the only good pig is a dead pig.” Daniels is a co-founder of Guerrilla Mainframe, which is a community based political organization that offers weapon training programs, group fitness, food, clothing and shelter, community unification programs. Perhaps the biggest red flag that indicates his radicalization is that on his Facebook page, Daniels shared an article by the Dallas Morning News about how the July 7th killing of 5 Dallas police officers by Micah X Johnson was the result of “America’s failure to address racism,” with the caption, “LMAO they deserve what they got.” In another Facebook post, which was posted on the one year anniversary of the Dallas shootings, Daniels said,“Today, one year ago, one black man brought the Dallas Pig Department to their knees. #77.” Friends and family of Daniels, civil rights advocates, and other members of the black community have expressed concerns that this investigation will set a “precedent of targeting African-Americans, like Daniels, for their political activism, and using broad categories anchored in race to potentially criminalize speech and political activity.” (Source:



03 FEB: San Diego – Protect Chicano Park from White Supremacists 

05-12 FEB: International solidarity campaign with repressed Russian anarchists

08 FEB: Protest against offshore drilling at BOEM public hearing in Sacramento

09 FEB: 9 FEB: United: A Black History Month Celebration in Austin, Texas

03 MAR: Black Lives Matter Houston: March For Black Women celebrating black sisterhood

05 MAR: Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer scheduled to speak at Michigan State

16-18 MAR: MAGACON 2018

17 MAR: CopWatch Orientation hosted by Black Lives Matter Sacramento

TBA – Richard Spencer speech at University of Cincinnati

TBA – Richard Spencer speech at University of Michigan

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