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Alt-Observer – Daily Roll-Up for 3 January

This report is a roll-up of activity from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist, and other ‘alternative’ political groups that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right for Wednesday, 03 January 2018. Activities included are from Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, North Carolina, California, and Germany.


Pennsylvania: A gunman with two rifles and a shotgun was killed in Harrisburg on December 22nd while firing at three police officers. The gunman, Ahmed El-Mofty, was admitted into the country via a family-based immigration visa from Egypt. Initial reports from the Department of Homeland Security that named the motive as terror-related have been revised, and no other motive has been given. (Source:

Portland: A pro-Trump Patriot Prayer march was interrupted over the weekend by Antifa in Portland, Oregon, which resulted in an armed individual threatening the group with a weapon and a protester being hit by a car after running in front of on-coming traffic.  (Source:

Redneck Revolt: The UK-based Independent met with the Suffolk County, NY branch of Redneck Revolt to discuss their beliefs and organizational accomplishments. (Source:

New York: The antifascist-affiliated group Anarchist Black Cross rang in the New Year by organizing a noise demonstration outside of the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC). (Source:

Youtube: Antifa activists have created a Google Chrome browser plug-in to “de-platform” and mass report YouTube videos deemed “fascist.” (Source:


Notable Activities:

Boston Globe Calls for Gun Confiscation

‘White Genocide’ Professor Leaving Under Pressure

German Antifa attack silent march for 15 year old girl murdered by Afghan migrant

Co-runner of Daily Stormer calls for the death of Jewish children

“View” hosts mock President Trump for stating that liberals in DOJ may be ‘deep state’

North Carolina proposes new law that will make spontaneous protests illegal



January 7th: pipeline protest at Grand Park in Los Angeles (

January 14th: Houston Street Medic Training for Protests

DSA Fundraiser for Organizer Training (


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