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Alt-Observer Weekly Summary for 04 May 2018

The Alt-Observer Weekly Summary highlights activities from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist and other ‘alternative’ political groups that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right groups. This report is available for Alt-Observer subscribers.

Priority Intelligence Requirements

  • PIR1: What indicators describe the Alt-Left movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, and capabilities?
  • PIR2: What indicators describe the Alt-Right movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, and capabilities?
  • PIR3: What are the new indicators of future politically related violence?
  • PIR4: What is the current threat index score for the Alt-Left movement?
  • Culture War Roll-Up

PIR1: What indicators describe the Alt-Left movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, initiatives, and infighting?

East Coast

Canada: Police and anti-Capitalists clashed in Montreal, Canada on MayDay during a demonstration led by the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC). According to It’s Going Down protestors attempted to block police on the sidewalk from flanking the demonstration, which led to the protestors attacking police with rocks, bricks, flags, and fireworks. (Source:

Massachusetts: On Friday, 27 April activists dropped a banner in Plymouth, Massachusetts in solidarity with the hundreds of illegal immigrants who are being held at an ICE facility nearby. The large blue banner appeared downtown and read “Welcome to Plymouth – Deportations happening now – Shame on Plymouth Colony.” (Source:



Illinois: Thousands of protestors marched in protest of ICE in Chicago, Illinois for MayDay. During the protests anti-capitalist signs and banners could be seen in addition to the many anti-ICE signs and banners that were held by the protestors. Pictures of the protests shows banners that said things like “Eat the rich, fire your boss”, “Socialism = Jobs, peace, equality, justice” and “You don’t hate Mondays, you hate Capitalism.” (Source:



Louisiana: On MayDay protestors defaced a Confederate memorial to Colonel Charles Didier Dreux in New Orleans. A white trash bag was put over the bust of Colonel Dreux, red paint was spread around the neck area, and the words “Fuck this shit” were spray painted in red at the base of the memorial. (Source:

Louisiana: On 1 May two different construction sites were shut down due to protests of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Louisiana. On 2 May protestors prevented 12 welding trucks carrying over 40 workers from welding a pipe together all morning, after which the protestors were cited with misdemeanor criminal trespass charges. (Source:

Tennessee: Released emails show that police were more focused on the threat posed by counter-protestors at a Tennessee rally held in March by the Traditionalist Worker’s Party (TWP). In one of the emails Homeland Security intelligence analyst Misty Phillips wrote that “TWP is typically not the issue, but rather opposing groups.” (Source: (SC: The case is a little more curious than this. Apparently, a DHS analyst used a statement published by the III% Security Force Intel group, that thousands of rally-goers would be attending the Tennessee rally, as the basis for finished DHS intelligence. Law enforcement used that intelligence as the basis for their preparations, and instead saw a few dozen protesters and counter-protestors. Much is being made of the DHS analyst statement that antifascist protestors are more dangerous than the neo-Nazi TWP group. There’s some truth to that regarding events where antifascists are often violent, although TWP has been known for committing and encouraging violence over the past several years.)

Florida: Protestors held a MayDay rally in Lake Worth, Florida, led by groups including the Florida Immigrant Coalition, Reunión de Grupo de Mujeres Latinas y Más, and the South Florida Anticapitalists. Protestors marched through the town and demanded that the government grant full legalization for all immigrants, not build a “wall of death”, stop deportations, end gentrification, and stop police brutality and police terrorism. (Source:

Florida: It’s Going Down has introduced a new anarchist publication series from Florida called “Sunshine State Anarchy.” The following is the biography for the new publication:

“Sunshine State Anarchy is a quarterly anarchist publication headquartered in South Florida. Our goal is to promote involvement in anarchist causes here in Florida, as well as serve as a gathering point for anarchists in Florida to exchange information and publicize their events.

We publish essays and analyses of local politics and events, as well as reports from demonstrations and actions here in the state, and we aim to have a list of upcoming anti-authoritarian and anti-racist actions happening in the state that need exposure.” (Source:


West Coast

California: Refuse Fascism attended the LA Times Book Festival at the University of Southern California this past weekend where they focused on promoting their anti-Trump actions. According to Refuse Fascism they “approached the event as a great opportunity to accelerate the forging of a movement aimed at driving out the Trump/Pence regime ASAP – achieved through a multi-dimensional approach (utilizing different forms) with an orientation of reaching and impacting very broad sections of society.” (Source:

California: Antifascist activist Yvette Felarca hosted a “Drop the Charges” event in Sacramento, California for two activists who were arrested during a riot in 2016 against white supremacy. The two activists are facing felony assault charges after attacking members of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party and the Golden State Skinheads after the two groups clashed with antifascist protestors.(Source:

Oregon: Anti-police, anti-capitalist, and antifascist activists vandalized 22 police cars with white paint and busted out the windows of four banks in Portland, Oregon on MayDay. (Source: (Source:

Washington: MayDay protests turned out to be peaceful in Seattle, Washington with the exception of one arrest after a masked man threw a rock at the Amazon Spheres building. Members of Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys held a demonstration and marched to Capitol Hill without incident from antifascists who held their own march and demonstration, however, according to reports the antifascists left the MayDay demonstrations early.

Later that evening Proud Boy and Patriot Prayer member Tiny Toese posted a video on Facebook warning antifascist protestors who he claims targeted their homes while they were holding their demonstration at Capitol Hill in Seattle. The following is a transcript of the video:

“This is my message to Antifa, Olympia, Portland, Seattle, wherever you are. What you guys did today was unacceptable. Y’all go into our houses while we’re not there, while we’re rallying in Seattle? Y’all really want to play that game? Yet y’all want to cry on the fucking news that the only reason why you’re wearing your masks is because you don’t want to be doxxed. You don’t want people to come over to your house. If you don’t want people to come over to your house then why the fuck do you go to other people’s houses? Why do you go to our houses and put our families in danger? Ya’ll just went to our houses and slapped flyers on everybody’s door, all of our neighbors, trying to turn our neighbors on us. Alright, if y’all really want to play that game believe me there are people on our side that I’ve been trying to hold back, but if y’all really want to play that game, then lets do it. Let’s do it. That’s my message to you. I’m not going to hold anybody back. Y’all started coming to our houses first slashing our tires and everything. We don’t want to get your families involved, they’re innocent. They don’t have nothing to do with this, but since y’all want to do this, y’all want to go to our houses, y’all want to post your flyers everywhere in our neighborhoods; watch what’s going to happen. I’m not threatening you. I’m not telling you I’m going to do something, but believe me if anything happens don’t ever hit Tiny up to tell his boys not to do anything anymore. I am so done with your shit. I am so done with the bullshit. Y’all are going to see. Y’all are going to learn today because believe me whatever you do, we do it better, and we do it way better than y’all. Y’all want to post your fake news flyers on our doors saying that members of the Proud Boys are Nazi’s and all this bullshit, giving them out to all the neighbors and everything trying to turn the neighbors on some of the Proud Boys? Okay. Y’all want to play that game? Then it’s on because believe me the people who’ve been waiting to come after you guys, we tried to stop them, and they did agree, but y’all want to feed the fire? Alright, game on. That’s what I wanted to tell you. 


(SC: The Proud Boys is a right wing organization, often known to fight Antifa in Portland, Seattle, and surrounding areas. It’s worth pointing out that the antifascists there are organized and obviously effective. Vandalizing homes and putting up flyers in the homes and neighborhoods of right wing activists, especially while those activists are at a rally, shows ingenuity and asymmetric thinking. It’s definitely an escalation in that part of the country, and it’s liable to cause a major backlash, potentially to include violence. If there’s any place in the country where large scale violence will occur, outside of the normal scuffles during rallies and counter-demonstrations, then it’s likely to be in the Pacific Northwest. There’s every reason to take Tiny’s warning seriously.)


Texas: Instead of marching in downtown Austin for MayDay like in previous years, Red Guards Austin decided to change things up and hold their MayDay march in “popular neighborhoods where the working-class and oppressed nations masses live and socialize.” Dozens of protestors marched through neighborhoods where bystanders enthusiastically chanted with them and supported the violent Communist group’s message: “What do we have? Nothing! What do we want? Everything!” (Source:

Texas: Refuse Fascism announced anti-NRA and anti-Trump protests at this year’s NRA convention which will be held in Dallas, Texas this weekend, saying that “Mass opposition to this fascist Trumpfest couldn’t be more timely!” On their website the antifascist group announced a call to action for their comrades to stand against the “Trump/Pence regime”:

“This (whole) new Call To Action which goes on to lay out what we can and must (and must not) do to drive out this regime, needs to get into the hands of those who come to protest (and now with Trump’s appearance, it well may be several thousand!). This is an important opportunity to let people know about Refuse Fascism and our plan–that there is a way, and to bring people into this movement to drive out the Trump/Pence regime. And to let the demands that this nightmare end, that this regime go, that We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America, be seen and heard by millions, as the international cameras roll.” (Source:

Texas: The people’s trial led by Revolutionary Student Front against University of Texas professor Robert Reece has been moved to Thursday, 10 May. (Source:

PIR2: What indicators describe the Alt-Right movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, initiatives, and infighting?

Atomwaffen: According to ProPublica, members of the violent Alt-Right group Atomwaffen Division include former and active duty US military. Three members have been identified as active duty Army or Navy servicemen and another has been identified as an active duty Marine. Another member of Atomwaffen who served in the Army from 2011-2015 has been identified as a former demolitions expert in the Army Combat Engineers named Joshua Beckett, who trains Atomwaffen members in firearms and hand-to-hand combat. In the recently released Atomwaffen chats Beckett claimed to be building assault rifles and offered to build weapons for other Atomwaffen members. Beckett also encouraged members to enlist in the military to become proficient in weaponry so that they could then use their expertise to overthrow the US government.(Source:

Richard Spencer: Richard Spencer’s website has been taken down by GoDaddy. In a statement a spokesperson for the internet domain and web hosting company said that “In instances where a site goes beyond the mere exercise of these freedoms, however, and crosses over to promoting, encouraging, or otherwise engaging in specific acts of violence against any person, we will take action…. It is our determination that crossed the line and encouraged and promoted violence in a direct and threatening manner.” According to Buzzfeed News Spencer has not yet found a new host for the site. (Source:

Virginia: One of the white supremacists who was facing charges after assaulting DeAndre Harris at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last August has been found guilty and is facing 10 years in prison. (Source:

Oregon: The Portland-based antifascist group Rose City Antifa claims that an actor in the Eugene, Oregon theater scene named Evan James McCarty is a neo-Nazi folk singer and Alt-Right propagandist. McCarty has been accused of being the “fascist folk” singer Byron de la Vandal, who’s lyric’s reflect white supremacist ideology. According to The Torch, de la Vandal’s social media accounts contain anti-semitic and racist posts, as well as posts that attempt to recruit new members for Alt-Right groups such as Vanguard America and True Cascadia. (Source:

Identity Evropa: Identity Evropa activists put up stickers and flyers in four different cities across three different states this week including California, Florida, and New York.

GOP: The Republican National Committee has disavowed three Republican candidates in this year’s midterms for having “racist and anti-semetic” views. The three disavowed candidates include California Senate candidate Patrick Little, Illinois Congressional candidate Arthur Jones, and Paul Nehlen, who is running to fill House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seat in Wisconsin. (Source:

Texas: 57 white supremacists from six different groups have been charged with crimes relating to a methamphetamine operation in Texas. The white supremacists belonged to groups such as the Aryan Circle, the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Peckerwoods, the Soldiers of Aryan Culture, and the Dirty White Boys. The US attorney’s office announced in a statement that agents seized over 190 kilograms of meth, 31 firearms, and approximately $376,587 in cash. (Source:

PIR3: What are the new indicators of future politically related violence?

04 MAY: NRA Convention and NRA Protests, Dallas, Texas

06 MAY: A Day For Freedom Event, London

18-20 MAY: National Faith Weekend Anti-Trump Protest

23-24 MAY: Anarchist Theatre Festival, Montreal, Canada (

19 JUNE: Juneteenth Mobilization Against Prison Slavery

04 JULY: Day of Action in Memory of Dan and Spit

12-19 JULY: International Week of Action Against Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

PIR4: What is the current threat index score for the Alt-Left movement?

Indicators of Revolutionary Activity

Strong Indications: 7

Weak Indications: 6

No/Negligible Indications: 7

I added an indicator to the Weak Indications list this week, and we now total 13 out of 20 total indicators.

Culture War Roll-Up

Hillary Clinton: During an interview on Wednesday Hillary Clinton said that being a Capitalist probably hurt her in the primaries because a large number of Democrats are Socialists. After being asked if her Capitalist beliefs hurt her presidential run, Clinton said, “It’s hard to know but I mean if you’re in the Iowa caucuses and 41 percent of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialists, and I’m asked ‘Are you a capitalist?’ and I say, ‘Yes, but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability.’ You know, that probably gets lost in the ‘Oh my gosh, she’s a capitalist!’” (Source:

Kanye West: Rapper Kanye West is facing criticism from the Left and the black community once again this week after he stated in a TMZ interview that “When you hear about slavery for 400 years… for 400 years? That sounds like a choice.” West later clarified his statement in a series of wweets, “We need to have open discussions and ideas on unsettled pain… to make myself clear. Of course I know that slaves did not get shackled and put on a boat by free will…. My point is for us to have stayed in that position even though the numbers were on our side means that we were mentally enslaved…. The reason why I brought up the 400 years point is because we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years…. We need free thought now. Even the statement was an example of free thought. It was just an idea.” (Source: kanye-west-slavery-choice-african-americans-us-history-trump-tmz-interview-a8332036.html) (SC: To be fair, there were never 400 years of slavery in the United States. From 1776 to 1865, there was slavery for 89 years. Prior to 1776, the colonies were under British rule and there were anti-slavery movements led by Whites during this period. I don’t know where Kanye and others find this “400 years of slavery” argument, but it’s completely false.)

The Root: In response to Kanye West publicly supporting Donald Trump, The Root released an article titled, “Once More for the People in the Back: Anyone Who Supports Donald Trump Is a Racist”. In the article the author claims that Trump supporters “vote for a man who embraces, regurgitates and spreads hate. They can reason that they voted for Trump because of his business acumen, their dislike for Hillary Clinton, or white working-class something, disaffected middle-America yada yada yada … But they are still aware of the undisputed existence of Trump’s bigotry. For this reason, there is only one way to describe a Trump supporter: A racist.” (Source:



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