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Alt-Observer Weekly Summary For 13 July 2018

The Alt-Observer Weekly Summary highlights activities from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist and other ‘alternative’ political groups that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right groups. This report is available for Intelligence subscribers.

Priority Intelligence Requirements

  • PIR1: What indicators describe the Alt-Left movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, and capabilities?
  • PIR2: What indicators describe the Alt-Right movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, and capabilities?
  • PIR3: What are the new indicators of future politically related violence?
  • PIR4: What is the current threat index score for the Alt-Left movement?
  • Culture War Roll-Up

PIR1: What indicators describe the Alt-Left movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, initiatives, and infighting?


Antifa International: Antifa International posted on their Tumblr page this week some advice on where to buy Antifa gear. In the post they stated that they are “frequently asked where the best places are to get a hold of some antifa gear – stickers, patches, shirts, flags, etc., etc.  The best place is always going to be from an antifa crew, because then you know the money raised is going to support antifa actions.” The following is a list of placed recommended by Antifa International:

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund (International)
Rose City Antifa
Berkshire Antifascists
Brighton Antifascists
AFA Nederland
Antifa Sacramento
Dywizjon 161
161 Crew
Hunt Sabs Association
United Rebels
Fire and Flames
Disorder Rebel Store
Disgusted Youth
Calton Books
Freedom Press
AK Press
Black Mosquito


Antifa International also posted on their Tumblr page promoting a free anti-white nationalist comic book called “Destroying White Nationalism.” According to Antifa International, “Destroying White Nationalism is a twelve-page comic book that completely tears apart the very idea of white nationalism.” (Source: [DOWNLOAD:]

Black Lives Matter: Black Lives Matterposted on their Facebook page this week asking for donations for a “Black Lives Matter Freedom School.” According to the fundraiser’s description, “The mission is to teach children to become racially literate, advocate for themselves, and critically challenge white supremacy. We hope to support the education they’ve already received from family and their teachers in a way that will empower them. Curriculum and lessons will be focused on social emotional learning, coping skills, community wellness, self care, black love, and black liberation.” As of 13 July, 2018 the fundraiser has reached $5,565 of its $10,000 goal. (Source:

Red Phoenix: The Alt-Left news website called The Red Phoenix published an article this week called “Pride Means Fight Back.” In the article the author claims that without Marxism and revolutionary theory there is no LGBTQ+ liberation. The following is a notable quote from the article:

“We will not be afraid to drive out the wolves in sheep’s clothing who seek to turn LGBTQ+ against the working class with myths of the reactionary nature of workers. We will not be afraid to turn on these, the true enemies of liberation, and to treat them as they are. We will drive out the gentrifiers, the capitalists, the police. We will remind them that Pride is not a celebration of a liberation that has never come. We will remind them that Pride means fight back.” (Source:

East Coast

Washington DC: It’s Going Down is calling for a mass mobilization against the Alt-Right in Washington DC from 10-12 August for the second Unite the Right rally. The call to action was published on the It’s Going Down website and reads:

“Our lives were forever changed on August 12, 2017, when neo-Nazis, KKK and militia members, and Alt-Right trolls from across the US and North America converged on the town of Charlottesville, Virginia.

White supremacists lit torches and attacked students as young as 17 last year while the police looked on and did nothing. The next day, people bravely confronted hundreds of armed racists. In the ensuing confrontation, one person gave her life, and many more were scarred forever. Tens of thousands immediately took to the streets. Suddenly, the world would never be the same.

Old statues fell. And a new street-based, grassroots power rose.

Now the white supremacists want to come back. On August 12, 2018, the Alt-Right will hold “Unite the Right 2” in Washington DC in front of the White House at Lafayette Square.” (Source:


Minnesota: It’s Going Down published a report back written by Earth First! concerning the Line 3 Pipeline protests in Minnesota. The protests took place in front of the Public Utility Commission (PUC) office and was intended to “demonstrate ongoing resistance against Enbridge’s proposed Line 3 tar sands pipeline.” According to Earth First!, “At around 7AM CST water protectors blockaded traffic by erecting 25-foot steel poles in a tripod structure on 7th Pl. in front of the PUC offices in downtown Saint Paul, MN. Ben, a 30-year-old Minneapolis resident, ascended the structure and unfurled a banner that reads, ‘Expect Resistance,’ a clear message to Enbridge and the PUC that fierce opposition to this pipeline will continue to grow at every stage.” (Source:

Chicago, Illinois: The Chicago Tribune posted pictures from the refuse fascism rally that took place in Chicago, Illinois on 09 July 2018 where protestors demanded the resignation of President Donald Trump. Pictures from the rally depict protestors carrying signs and banners in protest of President Trump. In one of the pictures a puppet of Russian president Vladimir Putin is being carried by a protestor. The Putin puppet is dressed in a Nazi soldiers uniform, doing a sieg heil, and carrying a sign saying “W.H. advisor.” Another picture shows a protestor carrying banner saying “Trump is a fascist,” with an upside-down American flag. Another picture from the protest shows a woman carrying a sign that says “The pilgrims were illegal immigrants too.” (Source:


Louisiana: Featured on the Water is Life Movement website is a list of pipelines that are currently being protested by Alt-Left environmental groups across the US. The following is the full list of pipelines that are currently being protested:

DAPL – Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone XL, Pilgrim Pipeline, Diamond Pipeline, Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Pinelands Pipeline, Southern Reliability Link Pipeline (SRL), PennEast Pipeline, Pacific Trails Pipeline, Trans Mountain Pipeline, TransCanada Energy East Pipeline, Mariner East II Pipeline, Nexus Pipeline, Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline, Mountain Valley Pipeline, Bayou Bridge Pipeline, Line 5 Pipeline, Enbridge Wisconsin Corridor, Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline, ETCOP Pipeline, Madison Loop, Dominion Transco Pipeline (Moore Chappells), Utica Marcellus Texas Pipeline (Old Tennessee Gas Pipeline), Pacific NorthWest LNG Plant, Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Pipeline (PRGT), Island Gas Connector Pipeline and Malahat LNG, PSE LNG, Pacific Gas Connector and Jordan Cove LGN Terminal, ET Rover Pipeline, NAPL – Northern Access Pipeline, Connecticut Expansion Project, Spire STL Pipeline, Rio Grande LNG- Rio Bravo Pipeline, and Lake Powell Pipeline.

In addition to listing each of the pipelines currently being protested, the website also lists what groups are protesting each pipeline, includes a map of the pipeline, and details why on it is being protested. Here’s an example:

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is at the southern tip of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and will connect oil and gas hubs in east Texas to oil refineries in Louisiana. It is currently being protested by four different groups including the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, Bold Louisiana, Healthy Gulf, and the L’eau Eat La Vie Camp. According to the Water Is Life Movement website, “Everyone who’s fighting DAPL is or should be fighting this pipeline as this pipeline connects to DAPL.” This is because “If the Dakota Access pipeline is completed, fracked oil from North Dakota will flow to Patoka, Illinois. From there, it will connect to existing pipelines that lead to Nederland, Texas, and pass through a newly completed pipeline carrying it to Lake Charles, Louisiana. The last 163 mile stretch of the route will be the Bayou Bridge pipeline. This portion will link Lake Charles in western Louisiana to refineries in St. James Parish, cutting across the Atchafalaya Basin, a national heritage area that is America’s largest natural swamp. The basin is home to several endangered species, and is the hub for the commercial crawfishing industry. Hundreds of pipelines already criss-cross the Atchafalaya Basin, which is littered with thousands of abandoned wells.”



West Coast

Portland, Oregon: Antifascist News published an article this week asking for people to “donate and support the legal and medicals costs of antifascists who stood against the Proud Boys in Portland.”(Source:

Oregon: The International Antifa-Black Bloc Atrocities Watch Page on Facebook posted this week claiming that an eco-activism group that recently took responsibility for a fire in Curry County, Oregon has been training teenagers on how to partake in eco-actvism. The post reads: “So there is a group that trains kids ages 14-17 via free camps devoted to eco-activism. These camps gather on public land where the kids are taught the finer points of pipeline sabotage, arson, “protest art” (read: vandalism) and *direct action* (read terrorism/property destruction). It is funded by a well heeled organization that has been providing free legal representation to eco terrorists and animal rights terrorists for well over a decade.” Included with the post is a link to an article covering the fire that was published on Curry Pilot. According to the article the group that started the fire is called the Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp and “teaches youth how to protest on behalf of environmental justice.” The article stated that the camp was hosted by the Civil Liberties Defense Center and Rogue Climate, who are both advocates of environmental activism. Planned activities for the camp include “how to plan and run environmental campaigns, media outreach skills, non-violent protest planning, and ‘decolonization’ and ‘know-your-rights’ trainings.” The article by Curry Pilot also states that members of the group support “movements that seek to dismantle the political and economic structures at the root of social inequality and environmental destruction, and provide litigation, education, legal and strategic resources for others interested in doing the same. Rogue Climate is focused on changing attitudes regarding both humans’ role in, and the effects of, climate change.”(Source: (Source:

Tacoma, Washington: Antifa United shared a post on Facebook this week by the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club Facebook page. The post is a picture of a billboard in Tacoma, Washington that says “There are Nazis in your neighborhood.” The bottom of the billboard says “This ad was paid for by Tacoma Against Nazis.” (Source:


Dallas, Texas: RT America published a video on YouTube covering a recent non-violent confrontation between members of the New Black Panthers and Huey P Newton Gun Club and members of an anti-uMslim group called the Bureau of Islamic Relations (BAIR) at one of BAIR’s protests at a mosque in Dallas, Texas. According to RT America, the BAIR protestors left the protest when they became outnumbered by the pro-Muslim groups who were open-carrying rifles and other firearms. Krystal Muhammad, who is the national chair of the New Black Panther Party and attended the counter-protest, stated that “This must be done because no one else will protect our people.” The New Black Panther Party is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has led numerous counter-protests in recent years. (Source:

Dallas, Texas: Rose City Antifa (RCA) posted on their Facebook page this week announcing that their comrades in the Dallas-Fort Worth area doxxed and put up flyers around the neighborhood of a member of the DFW Proud Boys. In the post RCA stated that “Comrades is the Dallas/Fort Worth Area fliered the neighbourhood of Jason Van Dyke, lawyer for and member of the Proud Boys, in response to threats Van Dyke made to Blow Pony and antifascists here in Portland. Solidarity! #doxxallyourboys.” (Source:

Austin, Texas: Red Guards Austin (RGA) posted on their Facebook page encouraging people to read the book “Documents From The US Maoist Conference For Line Struggle.” In their post RGA suggests reading the book if “you are interested in understanding the current positions being debated in the US Maoist movement. Topics include postmodernism, gentrification, the Chicano national question, proletarian feminism, Protracted Peoples War, Party militarization/ concentric construction, and organization of Communist collectives.” (Source:

PIR2: What indicators describe the Alt-Right movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, initiatives, and infighting?

Charlottesville, Virginia: Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler and Alt-Left group Redneck Revolt signed consent decrees this week, preventing them from partaking in any future paramilitary activity in Charlottesville. By signing the decrees, Kessler and Redneck Revolt resolved lawsuits that were brought against them for their participation in last year’s Unite the Right rally. According to the decree, named individuals or organizations are no longer allowed to come to Charlottesville “as part of a unit of two or more persons acting in concert while armed with a firearm, weapon, shield or any item whose purpose is to inflict bodily harm, at any demonstration, rally, protest or march.” The following is the full list of Alt-Right and Alt-Left paramilitary groups and individuals who were sued for their actions at Charlottesville:

Alt-Right groups: Pennsylvania Light Foot MilitiaNew York Light Foot MilitiaVirginia Minutemen MilitiaAmerican Freedom Keepers, LLCAmerican Warrior Revolution, Traditionalist Worker Party, Vanguard America, League of the South, INC., and the National Socialist Movement.

Alt-Left groups: Redneck Revolt, and the Socialist Rifle Association.

Individuals: Jason Kessler, Elliot Kline, Christian Yingling, George Curbelo, Francis Marion, Ace Baker,  Matthew Heimbach, Cesar Hess, Spencer Borum, Michael Tubbs, and Jeff Schoep. (Source:

Identity Evropa: This week Identity Evropa (IE) activists practiced martial arts and put up propaganda flyers at a park in Tampa, Florida. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania IE activists also practiced martial arts in addition to cleaning up the historic Fairmount Park. In Los Angeles, California IE activists visited the grave of a Mexican-American War hero named John Brown. In Richardson, Texas, IE activists from Texas and Oklahoma cleaned up Heights Park to promote environmentalism. In addition to these activities IE activists put up and distributed propaganda flyers in the following cities across the US.

California: Anaheim, San Jose

Colorado: Denver

Florida: Tampa

Illinois: Chicago

New Jersey: Bridgewater

Ohio: Cleveland

Wisconsin: Madison


PIR3: What are the new indicators of future politically related violence?

11-12 AUG: Unite the Right 2 — Washington DC (Source: (Source:

21 AUG: First Annual Nat Turner Day Prison strike led by the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) (Source:

21 AUG – 09 SEPT: National Prison Strike (Source:

22-23 SEPT: 13th Annual Victoria Anarchist Bookfair (Source:

PIR4: What is the current threat index score for the Alt-Left movement?

Indicators of Revolutionary Activity

Strong Indications: 7

Weak Indications: 6

No/Negligible Indications: 7

We remain at 13 total indicators, and there’s been no change in the last week.

Culture War Roll-Up

Article: According to a new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports, 31% of likely US voters and 44% of African-Americans believe that the US will experience another civil war within the next five years. The survey’s results were covered in an article recently published by The Root. In the article the author claims that “The country’s basest, most vile and selfish instincts are now front and center, and though there are many opposed to what is currently happening as a result of the policies of this administration—including children being snatched from their parents, Muslims being banned for their religion, and vicious lies that continue to be spread unchecked via the office of the president—there are many, many more standing idly by and passively going with the flow.” In regards to the polarization and division that is taking place today in America the author stated that “Stark polarization in the country is nothing new (urban vs. rural, conservative vs. liberal, Fox vs. MSNBC, whites vs. everyone else), but through his words and actions, Trump seems to have brought out a particular venom. As a result, much of the country is increasingly fearful that political violence is coming.” (Source: (Source:

Proud Boys: The Texas chapter of the Proud Boysis raising money to donate to the Ronald McDonald House this month on the fundraising website GoFundMe. As of 13 July, 2018 they have reached $785 of their $2500 goal. (Source:

Patriot Prayer: During Patriot Prayer’s rally that recently took place in Portland, Oregon, a female Patriot Prayer activist physically dominated a male Antifa protestor. Video of the confrontation shows the Antifa protestor on the ground being repeatedly punched by the woman in the face and head. (Source:

Teen Vogue: In a video published on Rebel Media, contributor Martina Markota reported on an article by Teen Vogue, in which the magazine endorses the violent tactics of Antifa. In the video, Markota states that “Teen Vogue wants to create a generation of political ideologues and activists who excuse violence as long as it’s used to advance their own agenda…. when outlets like Teen Vogue perpetuate this lie, (that Conservatives are Nazi’s) they don’t just create further division in society, they put innocent people’s lives at risk.” (Source:


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