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Alt-Observer Weekly Summary for 19 January 2018

The Alt-Observer Weekly Summary highlights activities from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist and other ‘alternative’ political groups that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right groups. This report is available for Alt-Observer subscribers.

Priority Intelligence Requirements

  • PIR1: What indicators describe the Alt-Left movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, and capabilities?
  • PIR2: What indicators describe the Alt-Right movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, and capabilities?
  • PIR3: What are the new indicators of future politically-related violence?
  • PIR4: What is the current threat index score for the Alt-Left movement?
  • Culture War Roll-Up

PIR1: What indicators describe the Alt-Left movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, initiatives, and infighting?


It’s Going Down: An anonymous contributor to the online snarchist and anti-fascist news website “It’s Going Down” posted an article called, “On Yellow Ribbons and Counter Insurgency: From a Veteran.” In the article, the contributor claims to be a member of Antifa and a US Army veteran; calls on American troops to defy their commander’s by joining an “open rebellion” in the streets and to “spit in Trump’s eye”; and refers to American soldiers as “war criminals,” “tools of capitalism,” “destroyers of lives” and “storm-troopers of an evil empire.” (Source:

Crimethinc!: The self proclaimed “anarchist decentralized network” and online website Crimethinc! released an article titled “Government Shutdown Doesn’t Go Far Enough,” which calls for the potential government shutdown to be “comprehensive and permanent.” The article explains that “people can get along just fine without a government. We’re convinced that everything the government does is either harmful and should be abolished outright (borders, prisons, armies, surveillance) or can be done better by groups of people working together freely (social welfare, preserving wilderness, coordinating production and distribution, collective self-defense).” (Source:

Facebook: An Anarchist Facebook page posted a status that features an animated gif of a German Shepherd police dog attacking and then ripping the head off of a police officer with the words “take a bite out of crime” and “No cops, no bosses.” (Source:

IWW: A black nationalist industrial workers union made up of black prisoners called “Mandingo Warriors and Associates” (MWA) has become the first incarcerated worker industrial union branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union via a partnership between the IWW and the MWA, which labels itself as an African cultural organization that seeks to end prison slavery.  According to the organization, in 1983, out of the necessity of survival, “Black prisoners in state formed an African cultural organization centered on Pan-Africanism and Black Nationalist Self-Defense Movement, so-named ‘Mandingo Warriors’, and through the merger of two Black Nationalist organizations, this was accomplished.” This union between the black nationalist MWA and the IWW, which has ties to socialist and anarchist labor groups, will seek to end prison slavery and better working conditions via revolutionary industrial unionism. (Source:

Tumblr: The Antifa International page on the microblogging and social media website Tumblr recently posted a warning to it’s members that “Alt right trolls are planning to make another racist campaign against minorities on January 21 by putting up posters against open borders and minorities, The alt right operation is called #MyBordersMyChoice and they plan to put up fascist posters on every campus and public spaces on January 21 at night. Please look into this and contact all Antifa organizations especially in america so they can sabotage the fascist #MBMC Posters.” The post was “noted”, or reblogged by 139 other users as of the time this report was written. (Source:

Crimethinc! Podcast: An Anarchist podcast called the “Ex-Worker” featured a review on how anti-fascists won 2017. The hour-and-a-half long podcast summarized the major events that transpired in 2017, such as the Battle of Berkeley, the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, and other major protests. During the podcast the hosts also discussed what they believe the result of 2017 was for the anti-fascists and the goals of their movement in 2018. (Analyst Comment: There are three major takeaways from this podcast. 1. They believe that 2017 was a victory for the Alt-Left, that they are winning the war on fascism in America, and that the Alt-Right has been severely crippled. 2. Solidarity, community building, and individual and community self defense are critical to the movement. This mainly involves recruiting new members, helping their local communities out, and training themselves for future engagements with the Alt-Right. 3. There is a fanatical focus on students and schools. In the podcast, the hosts discuss how they helped students organize anarchist groups at their schools. Their focus has been on college campuses and not on younger students, until recently. The hosts discuss how they tabled at book fairs across the country to help get student movements started. In 2018, the Alt-Left is attempting to play damage control and reorganize itself into a more cohesive, well-trained, and well-educated group that their communities and potential recruits see as being a positive and helpful organization that has intentions.) (Source:


East Coast

Washington DC: The US Attorney’s Office has dropped 129 of the protest cases from last year’s J20 protests, however 59 of the cases still remain due to “identifiable acts of destruction, violence, or other assaultive conduct.” (Source:

Charlottesville: A member of the far-left groups Antifa and Redneck Revolt allegedly admitted on Facebook that he was chasing James Fields with a rifle moments before he plowed into a group of protestors and killed Heather Heyer at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017. (Source:

Maryland: Chelsea Manning released a campaign video for her Senate run in Maryland. The ad features Manning wearing all black, Antifa rioting in the street, and anti-government advocacy: “we need to actually take the reigns of power from them and challenge them at every level,” which has caused many Twitter users to suspect that Manning is an Antifa member or sympathizer. (Source:



Ohio: A black, Muslim, Black Lives Matter activist was arrested on Martin Luther King Day for brutally attacking a Trump supporter named Andrew Caster, resulting in Caster having to get 15 staples in his head. Caster believes that he was attacked because he was a wearing a patriotic shirt and because he is a member of the conservative fraternal organization called the Proud Boys. (Source:

Minnesota: The central Minnesota IWW General Defense Committee is hosting an anti-fascist event to “combat white-nationalist posters that have been circulated across St. Cloud State University.” (Source:

Missouri: The People’s Revolutionary Defense Coalition (PRDC) is a St. Louis based group self-described as a “militant leftist organization dedicated to armed self defense,” and their mission statement says they’re dedicated to “[m]ilitantly defending the community from oppressive state, fascist and/or white supremacist forces,” and “direct action countering injustice and harassment of at risk communities by the state and/or fascist and white supremacist entities.” The validity of this mission statement can be backed by numerous photos of their members engaging in firearms training and paramilitary combat training on Twitter and Facebook. (Source:



Nashville: In response to the 129 – J20 protest cases that were dropped by the US Attorney’s Office, the Anarchist Black Cross Nashville Twitter account tweeted that they are in solidarity with the defendants who still have charges against them, “Solidarity with J20 defendants in court today facing charges for their protest at the inauguration. Especially our family from Tennessee. We see you. We love you.” (Source:

North Carolina: An Elon University computer science professor is using a set of programs that allegedly monitors 400,000 social media accounts of alleged white nationalists, and is providing the information to Antifa for doxxing purposes. According to an article from Wired Magazine, the professor, “often feeds data to the SPLC, whose analysts might use it to provide information to police or to reveal white supremacists to their employers, seeking to get them fired. She also sent several high-profile names from the list to another contact, a left-wing activist who she knew might take more radical action—like posting their identities and photos online, for the public to do with what it would.” (Source:


West Coast

Berkeley: Four of the victims of the violence perpetrated by Antifa during the Berkeley riots last February are suing UC Berkeley, UCPD, the city of Berkeley, and Berkeley PD, as well as two of the Antifa members who assaulted them that they were able to identify. The lawsuit explains that “the city, university and the police department had ample time and warning of a potential riot to plan a crowd management policy” and that the police retreated and allowed the “paramilitary-style protesters in possession of dangerous and deadly weapons, including combat knives, ‘blackjacks,’ wooden poles, shields made out of plastic, wood, and metal and pepper spray,” to riot, protest, and assault attendees of the event. (Source:



San Antonio: A far-left group called “Revolutionary Horizon”, which mainly consists of students from the University of Texas at San Antonio, recently stole flyers and other promotional material put up around the city by ICE, and proceeded to light them on fire. A member of the organization said, “We took it upon ourselves to round up all of this disgusting propaganda and properly disposed of it. And by that we mean we set it on fire.” (Source:

Austin: On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, the UT Austin Antifa Twitter account tweeted, “Instead of #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay how about #LawEnforcementIncinerationDay.”(Source:

PIR2: What indicators describe the Alt-Right movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, initiatives, and infighting?

Tennessee: A women’s march in Knoxville, Tennessee that was planned for Sunday, January 21st, has had its route relocated and security enhanced due to reports that white nationalists are planning to protest the march. The march will coincide with other marches around the country this weekend that will be a part of a national protest against Donald Trump’s presidency. (Source:

Identity Evropa: Members of the far-right group Identity Evropa have reportedly been visiting classes on college campuses in southern California to take notes and make their presence known to the students. Students who witness such sit-ins are said to be visibly shaken, brought to tears, and are afraid to speak during class out of fear of their identities being publicized. (Source: (Analyst Comment: In the interest of fairness, whether or not students are visibly shaken, this line of description is common among the far Left. Overstating the case of crippling fear and panic induced by the presence of a far Right activist is part of the far Left’s ‘permanent victim’ strategy.)

The Washington Post: In recent years, the presence of the far-right has transitioned from being solely online, to being visible in places such as city halls, town squares, and public parks. The Washington Post claims that there is one particular public place that the Alt-Right is frequenting and targeting more than any other: college campuses. College campuses have been at the heart of the far-left for decades, and now the far-right is attempting to make their presence known. In regards to their recent growth on campus, Matthew Heimbach – the founder of the far-right group Traditionalist Worker Party – said, “It’s striking a blow directly at the heart of our foes” and that “It lets them know that there are people that are radically opposed to them, that aren’t afraid of them, that will challenge them. It shakes their thought that they’ve got the campus environment locked down and lets them know that people who oppose them go to their school or are a part of their local community.” (Source:

ADL: A report published by the Center on Extremism of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) shows that the majority of the murders by extremists in 2017 were committed by white supremacists. Out of the 34 murders by extremists in 2017, 53% were committed by white supremacists. The deadliest attack, however, was committed by an Islamic extremist who killed eight people in New York City after driving a truck into a bike lane. (Source:

PIR3: What are the new indicators of future politically-related violence?

18 JAN:  Direct Action Training: Resisting Chaos Through Organized Resistance hosted by Black Lives Matter DC

20 JAN: Antifa: “Fuck Trump & His World: A Workshop* and Benefit Dinner**” in Portland, Oregon (

20 JAN: Women’s March and Impeach Donald Trump Solidarity Rally in Dallas

20 JAN: Nationwide Resistance Events:

28 JAN-04 FEB: Minneapolis Black Lives Matter to hold a week-long protest against Super Bowl 52

09 FEB: 9 FEB: United: A Black History Month Celebration in Austin, Texas

03 MAR: Black Lives Matter Houston: March For Black Women celebrating black sisterhood

05 MAR: Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer scheduled to speak at Michigan State

16-18 MAR: MAGACON 2018

TBA – Richard Spencer speech at University of Cincinnati

TBA – Richard Spencer speech at University of Michigan

TBA – Lawsuits still pending to allow Richard Spencer to speak at Penn State and Ohio State

PIR4: What is the current threat index score for the Alt-Left movement?

Indicators of Revolutionary Activity

Strong Indications: 7

Weak Indications: 5

No/Negligible Indications: 8

We remain at 12/20 total indicators, and there’s been no change in the last week.

Culture War Roll-Up

UT Austin: A University of Texas at Austin professor claimed in an interview with Democracy Now that trauma from police violence is killing black women like Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner, and Venida Browder, the mother of Kalief Browder. (Source:

Austin: New security rules have been instated at the Texas capitol in Austin that are meant to prevent physical combat and violent protests. The rules include a list of newly banned items that will not be allowed at protests. The list of banned items include:

  • Firearms and other deadly weapons, except when authorized under License to Carry authority
  • Improvised items used to lock a person to another person or object
  • Plastic bottles containing alcohol or non-consumable substances
  • Open flame torches
  • Metal signs
  • Metal, plastic, and wood objects longer than 12 inches
  • Sticks or other objects with protruding nails
  • Balloons not filled with air, oxygen or helium
  • Bricks, stones or rocks
  • Projectile launchers, including water cannons
  • Spray paint cans
  • Gas masks or similar equipment
  • Glass bottles
  • Hammers
  • Crow bars
  • Toxic fluid, gas or solids in any container
  • Improvised shields
  • Helmets
  • Drones
  • Pepper spray
  • Tasers

In a statement, the DPS stated that, “These measures are aimed at preventing violent confrontations during protests and demonstrations; maintaining order; and protecting all Capitol visitors from injury or infringement of constitutional rights.” (Source:

YouTube: The veterans behind the apparel and gun companies Pipe Hitters Union and Spike’s Tactical, who recently released an ad that features armed patriot vigilantes standing up to Antifa, are preparing for an Antifa and Communist uprising. (Source:

Louisiana: Members of the L’eau Est La Vie (Water is Life) Camp in southern Louisiana are fighting the company Energy Transfer Partners’ (ETP) pipeline that they are trying to construct in the Atchafalaya Basin. This pipeline is the southern end of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which according to the protest group, will threaten the “homes, drinking water, ecosystems, and food sources for plants, animals, and upwards of 1 million human beings in the Atchafalaya Basin located in Southern Louisiana.” (Source:

Sacramento: The Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter held an “alternative” MLK march on Monday with the goal of “reclaiming what they see as a civil rights icon whose message has been toned down and coopted.” A representative of the group stated that they “want people to know that Martin Luther King was not a passive activist. He was radical.” (Source:

Twitter: James O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas” has released videos that depict verified Twitter employees discussing the fact that they can see and are even paid to look at direct messages sent between Twitter users, which include nude photos and private conversations. (Source:

MLK Day: Teen Vogue published an article for Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the hopes of “honoring MLK’s real legacy, not the one that makes white Americans comfortable.” In the introduction to the article, it says that it unearths the history that is, “not told through a white, cisheteropatriarchal lens. In this installment, writer Jenn M. Jackson explores the radical nature of Martin Luther King Jr., whose legacy, she says, was whitewashed over time.” (Source:

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