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Alt-Observer Weekly Summary for 26 February 2018

The Alt-Observer Weekly Summary highlights activities from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist and other ‘alternative’ political groups that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right groups. This report is available for Alt-Observer subscribers.

Priority Intelligence Requirements

  • PIR1: What indicators describe the Alt-Left movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, and capabilities?
  • PIR2: What indicators describe the Alt-Right movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, and capabilities?
  • PIR3: What are the new indicators of future politically-related violence?
  • PIR4: What is the current threat index score for the Alt-Left movement?
  • Culture War Roll-Up

PIR1: What indicators describe the Alt-Left movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, initiatives, and infighting?


Website: The same anti-fascists that recently created the website “FashMaps” have created another interactive map that depicts fascist activity. This map, however, depicts terror events across the US committed by Fascists since 2001 and lists the event, number of people killed, and the narrative of the event. (Source:

International: Anarchists have launched a new solidarity program called the “International Anarchist Defense Fund.” According to the Anarchists, this program will be a collective support structure that will provide “support to anarchists around the world who are persecuted or find themselves in a difficult life situation because of their political ideas or activities.” (Source:




Michigan: The far left/anarchist website It’s Going Down recently asked it’s followers via Twitter to mobilize and help students and community members stop Richard Spencer’s upcoming event at Michigan State University saying that, “Students and community members in #EastLansing #Michigan are mobilizing to #StopSpencer on March 5th. Neo-Nazis will be bused in from an Alt-Right conference in #Detroit the day before. ‘The need for a mass convergence is clear. This is all hands on deck.’” (Source:



Georgia: The “Young Democratic Socialists” club of the University of Southern Georgia recently claimed that they would use medieval execution tactics on House Republicans. In response to a professor’s statement calling for Republicans to be “lined up and shot”, the Socialist group tweeted that “This is absolutely outrageous. House Republicans should NOT be shot! They should be guillotined.” (Source:

Florida: The founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, is scheduled to speak at the University of Central Florida on April 10th, however, local Antifascists groups are attempting to shut down the event saying that his presence on campus would be “endangering student safety.” Turning Point USA is a conservative group with a mission to “identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.” (Source: (Source:

 Mississippi: A Christian center at a liberal arts college in Jackson, Mississippi was recently vandalized with extremely vulgar anti-Trump and anti-Christian graffiti. Pictures of the room that was vandalized depicts the graffiti and the students and professors who participated in the vandalism. According to the Christian students who reported the vandalism, no charges or disciplinary action has been taken against the vandals. (Source:


West Coast

Washington State: Antifascists in Vancouver, Washington are attempting to shut down a pro-Trump march called “March 4 Trump” that will take place on March 4th. The antifascists tweeted their call to action saying “No Nazis on our streets!” (Source:

Washington State: The Clark County Antifascists in Washington tweeted out a list of promises that it plans to keep to their communities:

“1. Protect the identity of all those that anonymously report fash activity to us

  1. Retain 0 contact information
  2. 100% transparency of all projects and actions we take, where safe
  3. Being ready to assist medically, always
  4. Giving credit, where credit is due
  5. Providing our skills to help the community through food and donation drives, shelter volunteering, and reaching out to other organizations that provide mutual aid to our communities
  6. Damage reduction in all forms
  7. Being available for moral and emotional support, at all times
  8. Physical defense of our at-risk community spaces
  9. Respect for our people, in all forms, at all times
  10. Knowledge, understanding, and consciousness of our privilege, in every way it may manifest, for any and all partisans that organize alongside or within us
  11. Our revolution is accessible by the poor, and the differently abled, forever”


Washington State: Antifascists are attempting to shut down an event being hosted by Joey Gibson in Vancouver, Washington. The Rose City Antifa account tweeted a call to action to it’s followers to call the venue where Gibson is hosting his event and express their disappointment in them for “providing a dangerous ideologue with space to organize.” According to the antifascist group, Gibson’s events “consistently attract neo-nazis, fascists, white supremacists, and other dangers,” although he and his followers have shown no signs as of yet that they are an extremist group.(Source:



Arizona: A Milo Yiannopoulos event that was scheduled to take place in Phoenix, Arizona has been cancelled due to an antifascist resistance. (Source:

Austin: An Austin-based, Black Nationalist group called “Black Sovereign Nation” is holding a study group in June where they will discuss Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” after which they plan to share their newfound knowledge “with the broader Black community.” According tot their website, “Black Sovereign Nation is a pro-Black, anti-capitalist collective that focuses on developing autonomy in Black communities. Our ultimate vision is to establish autonomous boroughs in cities across the United States, creating an opportunity for a national reclamation of political and economic agency. Each component of our efforts reflects an area in which development must occur in the pan-African community in order to achieve independence from systems of white supremacy.” (Source:

PIR2: What indicators describe the Alt-Right movement’s strength, capabilities, sentiment, initiatives, and infighting?

Identity Evropa: Identity Evropa recently took to the skies to drop flyers from a small aircraft over an undisclosed city. A video depicts the group boarding the plane with boxes of their flyers that said things like “Action, Leadership, Identity” “Our generation, Our future, Our last chance” and “Our future belongs to us.” The group claims that they used a plane because “Aviation is an American Tradition.” (Source:

Huffington Post: The Huffington Post recently released a list of alleged white supremacists who are running for office in 2018. The list is comprised of 12 men, and is broken down into three categories: white supremacist candidates, white supremacist dropouts, and candidates who are not outwardly white supremacists themselves, but have ties with them.

White Supremacist Candidates: Arthur Jones, Paul Nehlen, Sean Donahue and John Abarr

Dropouts: Augustus Invictus and Tom Tancredo

Flirting with White Supremacists: Joe Arpaio, Steve King, Corey Stewart, Matt Gaetz, Dana Rohrabacher, and Lou Barletta.


Oregon: An Oregon State University graduate student named Andrew Oswalt has been summoned to appear in court for a potential eviction from the campus. According to Oregon law, “a landlord may terminate a rental agreement with 24-hours notice for a number of reasons, including a tenant committing an act that is ‘outrageous in the extreme’ on or near the premises.” This is in response to Oswalt placing alt-right bumper stickers on cars last year. (Source:

Colorado: The president of Colorado State University recently released a statement saying that there is “no place for hate at Colorado State” in response to the Traditionalist Worker Party putting up flyers around the campus. In the official statement the president of the university stated that “we vehemently reject their claim to the values of America, patriotism, courage, conservatism, character – and the Christian faith. Their base and immoral ideology, is, indeed, unwelcome and repudiated at Colorado State University.” (Source:

Colorado: The Alt-Right political group Identity Evropa recently put up flyers at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado. The flyers said things like, “Serve your people” and “Our future belongs to us,” with pictures of ancient Greek busts. (Source:

Maryland: Identity Evropa tweeted out earlier today that they had arrived at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland saying that, “We’re looking forward to discussing important issues like identity and demographics with conservatives.” (Source:

Atomwaffen: A national socialist group called Atomwaffen, which is German for “nuclear weapons,” has been connected to five murders across the U.S. and a plot to blow up a nuclear facility near Miami, Florida. One member allegedly murdered a gay, Jewish college student, which led to investigators discovering over 250,500 messages between members of the group via the online chat service Discord. This has led to five key members of the group being identified, as well as over 20 different Atomwaffen cells being discovered across the U.S. Atomwaffen cells have been found in: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington State, and Wisconsin. According to ProPublica, Atomwaffen “embraces Third Reich ideology and preaches hatred of minorities, gays and Jews. Atomwaffen produces YouTube videos showing members firing weapons and has filmed members burning the U.S. Constitution and setting fire to the American flag” and that the group has discussed targeting substations, water filtration plants, and other key facilities. The leader of Atomwaffen, John Cameron Denton – a native Texan who lives just north of Houston – has been quoted saying that, “Politics are useless. Revolution is necessary.” (Source:

PIR3: What are the new indicators of future politically-related violence?

25 FEB: BLM Contingent at the Black Joy Parade hosted by Black Lives Matter Bay Area

26 FEB: Milo Yiannopoulos: “10 Things I Hate About Mexico” at UCLA

03 MAR: Black Lives Matter Houston: March For Black Women celebrating black sisterhood

04 MAR: March 4 Trump, Vancouver, Washington

05 MAR: Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer scheduled to speak at Michigan State

08 MAR: International Call for a Day Without Women’s Work

16-18 MAR: MAGACON 2018

17 MAR: CopWatch Orientation hosted by Black Lives Matter Sacramento

20 APR: National High School Walk-Out For Anti-Gun Violence

TBA – Richard Spencer speech at University of Cincinnati

PIR4: What is the current threat index score for the Alt-Left movement?

Indicators of Revolutionary Activity

Strong Indications: 7

Weak Indications: 5

No/Negligible Indications: 8

We remain at 12/20 total indicators, and there’s been no change in the last week.

Culture War Roll-Up

Austin: The Austin chapter of Black Lives Matter has informed it’s members via a Facebook post that today is the first day of early voting and that, “there are children of immigrants who are running for office” and that “Immigration is an important cause for Black Lives Matter.” Although the post starts out by claiming that “It is the policy of Black Lives Matter Austin not to issue endorsements”, the post goes on to endorse three immigrants who are running for office, “Maya Guerra Gamble and Aurora Martinez-Jones both running for the 459th Judicial District and Chantal Eldridge running for the 331st Judicial District.” (Source:

Facebook: A pro-black organization called “The Movement for Black Lives” is using the recent Marvel movie “Black Panther” as advertisement to get black people to register to vote in their local elections. The group posted an advertisement for the campaign on Facebook, which provides instructions on how to register to vote and how to get people to register to vote. According to the flyer that was posted, the group is asking people to go to showings of “Black Panther” at their local theater to register voters. (Source:

Snapchat: Teenagers across the country organized school walkouts and anti-gun rallies yesterday in protest over the recent school shooting that led to the deaths of 17 students and faculty at a  Florida high school. Snapchat, an image messaging and multimedia mobile application, launched a new feature in 2017 called “Snap Maps,” that “plots videos and photos posted by users against a map of the world.” This feature allows people to view raw images and footage of major events around the world from the perspective of the people who are actually experiencing them, instead of of it coming from local or national news outlets. Due to the massive number of student protests that occurred yesterday across the country, the media was unable to cover the protests and provide details of the events such as their size and what was being said by the students participating in them. However, due to Snapchats “Snap Maps” feature, the entirety of these protests were captured on Snapchat for the world to see by the students themselves. Photographs of the Snapchat Map revealed that hundreds of high schools across the U.S. participated in the protests.(Source: (Source:,-81.716666,7.89z)

Twitter: Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke recently tweeted that he is suspicious of the recent push for gun control by students in Florida, “The well ORGANIZED effort by Florida school students demanding gun control has GEORGE SOROS’ FINGERPRINTS all over it. It is similar to how he hijacked and exploited black people’s emotion regarding police use of force incidents into the COP HATING Black Lives Matter movement.” (Source:

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