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JBGC calls for Washington Three Percenter group to change sides

After a component of the Washington Three Percenter group conducted security for a recent Patriot Prayer rally, the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club issued a statement calling for the Washington Three Percent to support liberty and break ties with Patriot Prayer.

It’s Going Down (@IGD_News) retweeted: If Washington 3% actually values liberty, they would renounce their association with the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. These groups promote violence, discrimination, and hate in our communities.

“We call on Washington 3% militia to renounce the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. The violent extremist Proud Boys and street goons in Patriot Prayer have no place in our communities. Washington 3% has accepted them within their ranks and co-hosted events with them. If Washington 3% stands for liberty for all then they must disavow these dangerous groups. It’s time to change sides and stand with the everyday community members these groups target with their street violence.”

[Source: https://twitter.com/PugetSoundJBGC/status/1069006013137743872]




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