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Oregon-based activist describes strategy to defeat the Alt-Right


An Oregon-area antifascist activist tweeted historic information regarding the KKK and the common cause it found with progressives of the time. The author claimed the Klan “exploited working class white populism, using legitimate class anger” in order to manipulate class conscious movements into giving them support. The author insinuated parity between the actions of the KKK in the 1920s and conservatives of today. (SOURCE: https://twitter.com/shane_burley1/status/1082009750403829760).

The same author published two articles, titled “The Fall of the Alt-Right Came from Anti-Fascism” and “Unions Against Fascism”. The former article encourages the advancement of identity politics (“Call them racists, nativists, misogynists, Islamophobics, anti-Semites or one of several other odious adjectives”), and advances the narrative that support for, or the absence of antagonism for President Trump equates to fascism. (SOURCE: https://medium.com/@burlesshanae/the-fall-of-the-alt-right-came-from-anti-fascism-7beab1b80e3).

The latter article begins with a brief history of the role organized labor has played internationally in the past. The author then emphasis the importance of labor unions in fighting fascism as “[expressions] of unified class power, the ability of a group of workers to exert power through solidarity with influence.” This is again in line with the call by communist revolutionary elements to focus on labor unions in 2019. (SOURE: https://medium.com/@burlesshanae/unions-against-fascism-19b7e510ff87).

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