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Stone Mountain Rally and Protest Developments

Agitators on both the Alt-Right and Alt-Left are creating fervor over the Alt-Right rally set to take place on 02 FEB 2019 just outside Atlanta at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Antifascist groups in multiple cities have called for mobilization against the rally. Facebook comments from the Alt-Right-affiliated individuals are being seized upon as proof of violent intent (e.g. “looks like a good place for a .308″.). Atlanta-based antifascists have also seized the opportunity to dox organizers of the event (publish personal details online) and send out hundreds of mailers and fliers.

Alt-Right groups intend to move forward with the rally despite being denied a permit for the event due to safety concerns. Alt-Right groups involved in the rally have indicated that they are aware of the growing protest movement against them, resulting in memes that read “Aiming for Antifa on February 2nd” and feature soldiers in Confederate uniforms preparing and firing weapons.

Tensions are sure to rise as the event nears — now just over two weeks away. It’s possible that we’ll see effects beyond Georgia as protests and counter-protests take place in many cities across the nation.


Mike Shelby is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. He's now the CEO of Forward Observer.

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