Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

Hey Gang – I’ve never done anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but I’m so concerned with what’s going to happen in 2020 that I’m offering an incredible deal for new, returning, and existing customers… Check them out here:

1. If you want to get started with local intelligence gathering and threat analysis, then you’ll be interested in the Area Intelligence Course. In this online, self-paced course, I’ll teach you how to get started in local intelligence gathering.

There’s seven hours of video instruction, plus six worksheets and my Area Assessment Matrix to help you understand your area’s security. Now 50% off –>

2. We’ll likely be able to look back on what happens in 2020 as a permanent turning point for this country. If you want to understand what’s bubbling below the surface of the low intensity conflict and how it will worsen, then you’ll want to get my intelligence reports in the Warning service. Annual plans are now 50% off, so it’s a perfect time to start, re-start, or renew your membership–>

This sale runs now through Cyber Monday. See you soon.

Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper

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11-12 JAN: Tactical Intelligence Course – Austin, TX

18-20 JAN: Tactical Intelligence Course + OPSEC/COMSEC – Nashville, TN

Samuel Culper is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. Iraq(x1)/Afghanistan(x2). He now studies intelligence and warfare.

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  1. Hello, just wondering if you have been keeping up with what is going on in Virginia? If not watch Gun’s and Gadgets on U Tube he will give a good idea. I like your assessments , it gives another perspective.

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