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You can’t trust the news to deliver what you need to know. We track the political, economic, and social instability driving conflict in the U.S.

Sam spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan as an intelligence analyst, and brings a unique perspective in explaining this low intensity conflict.

Each day, Sam and his team break down the latest developments, plus they provide the latest intelligence on domestic groups in the driver’s seat. Stay ahead of the curve with Early Warning, the daily intelligence brief from Forward Observer. Join now.

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Stay ahead of the curve of conflict

  • Early Warning: Our daily intelligence brief (Monday-Friday)
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  • EW Podcast: Join Sam and Max as they go deeper into the day’s reporting

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What is Early Warning?

Every weekday our Intel Pros map the terrain of disruption and conflict, and deliver exclusive intelligence straight to your inbox.
Here’s what’s included in your Early Warning Report:

Intelligence Summaries

An exclusive Intelligence brief delivered to you Monday through Friday

Situational Awareness

We keep our finger on the pulse of national instability and warn you of things that concern our experts

Financial Warnings

Insights from the country’s top investment firms and hedge funds on what’s ahead

Threat Intelligence

Up to date coverage of disruptive and belligerent groups driving conflict


Big picture thinking on political and social instability that makes sense of current and future threats

Early Warning Podcast

Join Sam & Max as they go deeper into the day’s reporting

From the CEO of Forward Observer:

I’m a former soldier, Intelligence NCO, and contractor.  I spent nearly a decade in the U.S. Intelligence Community before leaving in 2012 over concerns of where the country was headed.  I founded Forward Observer in 2016 as a way to track Far Left and Far Right groups involved in “Low Intensity Conflict” in the United States.  I’d never thought I’d have to use my skills in a domestic situation, yet here we are.

Low Intensity Conflict is the model for the current unrest that will result in greater disruption and violence, likely lasting well into the decade. It exists below conventional war, but above routine, peaceful competition. It’s the “gray area” between war and peace.

We’ve undoubtedly entered a new period of conflict and instability.  Luckily, intelligence reduces uncertainty about the future.  Our readers understand the value of intelligence, and they rely on our analysis to keep them informed about the future.  I hope you will too. – Samuel Culper

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