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WARNING: Recent strategy meetings show exactly how Far Left groups are organizing ahead of the 2024 election season.
The Far Left plan to “defend democracy” in 2024.
On Saturday, 19 August 2023, leaders from left wing radical and revolutionary groups met to discuss a strategy for the 2024 election season.

In short, they planned more social agitation.

More political disruption.

More violence.

While I can’t share every detail with you (due to ongoing access), I can share that their next big event is planned for October 2023.

These groups aim to garner national attention through a large disruptive protest — sort of a national clarion call to rekindle the spirit of the 2020 riots. (Write this down so you remember this warning when it happens.)

I’ll share with you what we know, but first let me tell you how we know this…
From Grassroots to Guerrillas
The first failed popular revolution
My name is Mike Shelby. 

I’m a former intelligence NCO and spent part of every year from 2006 to 2011 deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. In all, I spent 40 months deployed as a soldier and intelligence contractor.

In short, I got a lot of practice tracking insurgents and mapping their networks.

So in 2016, when I saw innocent Trump supporters being beaten in the streets, I started tracking and mapping the networks of this country’s ongoing domestic conflict.

I’ll never forget seeing a lone Trump-supporting woman being accosted by a group of thugs as they pelted her with eggs. 

She tried to seek refuge behind the doors of a hotel but the staff wouldn’t let her in. 

Not even the police officer behind the door would open it.

And then conditions across the country just got progressively worse well into 2020.

From 2016 to 2021, I led a small team that tracked dozens of Far Left radical and revolutionary groups.

For over six years, we published hundreds of intelligence reports warning our subscribers about upcoming protests and violent direct action demonstrations.

And then one day, there was no more direct action to track.

It was like someone just flipped a switch.

Unfortunately, we’re seeing some early signs that the switch is going to be flipped back “ON” in 2024.

So I’m getting some old teammates back together to publish National Intelligence, a new weekly intel brief dedicated to uncovering the next chapter of this country’s ongoing domestic conflict.
These groups haven’t disappeared and they’re unfortunately planning similar disruption and violence for 2024.

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So back to this August meeting

For about two hours, the senior cadre fleshed out their strategy.

They discussed why they were planning the next major event for October 2023 — to coincide with the new term of the Supreme Court.

They discussed their strategy to recruit, organize, and mobilize protesters.

They discussed logistics of how to get people and material to Washington D.C.

They discussed the need for partner organizations to fund and promote the protest.

They discussed key personnel that will attend, such as a well known Leftist member of the House from Minnesota.

And they discussed how they were going to deal with Donald Trump, his supporters, and the 2024 election.

We’ll be following up on this event in upcoming National Intelligence reports.

I want to tell you about another strategy session we attended — this one far worse.
Ground Zero:  The Nexus of Far Left Campaigns and National Stability
One central element of Far Left revolution is the Marxist-Leninist concept of self-criticism.

This is an opportunity for left wing revolutionaries to take stock of failures, shortcomings, and what’s not going right. 

According to Lenin, and later Stalin and Mao, it’s the only way to correct shortcomings of a movement in perpetual revolution.

Our team gained access to another strategy session, this time documenting some failures from 2020 and trying to “right the ship” ahead of 2024.

“Fight, fail, fight again, fail again, fight again… until their victory; that is the logic of the people… This is another Marxist law. The Russian people’s revolution followed this law, and so has the Chinese people’s revolution.” – Chairman Mao Tse Tung, August 1949

This strategy session focused on creating conditions for social revolution, led by mass mobilization that creates a “revolutionary rupture” in the U.S. capitalist society.

Leaders cited the failures of 2020, wherein small, violent outbursts produced short-term gains in revolutionary fervor… but no lasting revolution.

One part of this new strategy is creating more popular self-defense groups like the Zapatistas of revolutionary Mexico or the radicalized military units who defended the Paris Commune in the French Revolution of 1871.

One group leader openly admitted that this meant carrying out acts of violence to propel a “revolutionary rupture” — this time one that succeeds in overthrowing the State.

The Strategy

1. Unite America’s various minority and special interest groups — the LGBTQ+ community, labor unions, feminists, indigenous populations, immigrants, environmentalists, Black Power movements and others — under a single banner of revolutionary struggle.

2. Defeat the reformist tendencies of these groups — those who just want to “reform the system” instead of overthrow it — and instill revolutionary, militant fervor throughout these various groups and movements.


I have some more copy to write but this is the gist.

Yes, I want to read the tremors before the earthquake.
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