Federal investigators have six open cases involving ISIS in Minnesota


The FBI has at least a half-dozen open cases in Minnesota involving Americans who allegedly have ties to the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group. [source]

Analyst comment: Young members of Minnesota’s large Somali population (the largest in the U.S.) has been targeted by members of al-Shabab (“The Youth”) for several years, but obviously ISIS is targeting Somalis too, as well as other Islamic members of the community. In November, three young Somali men were convicted on charges of attempting to provide aid and comfort to ISIS.

While the Islamic State faces almost certain defeat as it clings to the last vestigates of its “caliphate” in Syria and Iraq, the fear among counter-terrorism authorities in the U.S. has been, and will remain, so-called “lone wolf” individuals living in America who continue to be targeted and radicalized by overseas terrorist groups. 



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