FO Podcast Episode 065 – A Quick Story About Mohammad & the March Against Sharia


In this weekend’s podcast, I tell a story relayed to me by a Syrian Arab Christian who grew up in Syria, and then I provide a quick overview of what I experienced at the March Against Sharia on Saturday.




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  1. Deplorable Robert says

    Sharia LAW is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution. No other Type of “law” can override it. If muslems want to be ruled by sharia, they should stay in the country they want to leave to come here.

  2. Mark says

    An interesting historical point the antifa’s miss in their message of anyone that opposes their view and their support of sharia/muslims/communism is during WWII the nazi’s were very cozy with the muslims – they shared the same ideology of a state theocracy and desire to exterminate the Jews.
    Stalin was certainly not a friend to the Jews (Warsaw uprising) and both he and Hitler played off against each other in their blame game and quest for power.
    For a supposedly enlightened movement, the antifa’s are remarkably ill-informed and narrow minded.

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