Here’s why it looks as if the A-10 isn’t going anywhere


The Air Force is finalizing plans to re-wing several squadrons of A-10 ground attack aircraft with an eye towards keeping the platforms in service and flying into the 2030s.

The plane, which is highly praised by U.S. ground forces, was slated to be retired a couple of years ago as Air Force planners struggled with budget and funding cuts amid years’ worth of continuing resolutions rather than hard-and-fast budgets from Congress.

However, according to Gen. James “Mike” Holmes, funds are available in the current budget to re-open a contract to buy new wings for several squadrons. “It was a contract that was no longer really cost-effective for Boeing to produce wings,” he said. “Now we’re working through the process of getting another contract.”

The Air Force’s 2018 budget requested funds to keep the A-10 in service for at least another three years. An unfunded priorities list that was later submitted to Congress included $103 million to buy new wings for 110 of the 283 aircraft in the fleet.

“We plan to maintain the A-10 out into the 2030s, at least,” Holmes said. [source]

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