Samuel Culper offers several courses on intelligence and security.  The course syllabi are listed below.

Intelligence Collection & Analysis Course (ICAC)

The Intelligence Collection and Analysis Course (ICAC) is a two-day course geared towards understanding your threat environment.  All intelligence begins with a mission to support, and our mission for this course is community security.  The ICAC helps students make sense of their communities and operating environments, especially post-SHTF, in whatever form that presents itself.  Students will begin intelligence products specific to their communities during this course, and work on collecting and analyzing intelligence information for real-world scenarios.  After this course, you’ll be able to build your Analysis and Control Element (ACE) team, run a basic collection network, and analyze incoming intelligence information.  $400

Course Curriculum:


– OPSEC, INFOSEC, COMSEC, & Collection Tradecraft

– OSINT: Online Queries, Social Media, Social Engineering, Radio and TV Media, Reporting


– Intelligence Requirements and Collection Management

– Analytical Tradecraft

– Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield


Operations Security (OPSEC) Course

Operations Security (OPSEC) is as old as war itself. Yet, poor OPSEC continues to cost human lives both in clandestine operations against hostile adversaries as well as in every day life against irregular threats like criminals. What’s more is that as the future of Liberty dims, OPSEC is now of critical importance to citizens across the nation.

The best way to keep a secret is to deny that a secret exists in the first place. Although you’re likely unaware, you provide indicators of your capabilities and intent every day.  Learn how to protect yourselves, your preparations, and your community from irregular and conventional threats. $200

Course Curriculum:

– Threat identification.
– Denying information to the threat.
– Masking indicators of friendly activity.
– Disinformation, Deception and other Countermeasures.
– Basic counterintelligence tasks.
– Conducting security assessments.
– Implementing better security.


Human Intelligence Collector’s Course

The Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collector’s Course is a two-day course that covers social engineering, elicitation, questioning, and interrogation .  The training days run 0900-1700 in a classroom setting, and will include sessions to practice collection techniques.

This course is tailored for individuals who want to learn how to collect information from human sources.  We teach the psychological principles and motivations behind why sources provide information, and we instruct students on how to engage individuals and trigger positive, fruitful responses.  My goal as an instructor is to teach you enough to get out there, start developing sources, and providing relevant intelligence information that improves the security of your AO. $400


Intelligence Analysis Course

The Intelligence Analysis Course is a two-day (or longer) course that covers methods of looking at complex information.  This course is designed for those who may have to make sense of lots of information in order to reach a time-sensitive or critical decision.  Students will learn intelligence tradecraft used by both the U.S. Army and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Course Curriculum:

– Building and Leading Your Intelligence Element

– Preparing Information Databases for Storage & Retrieval

– Predictive Analysis

– Analysis of Competing Hypotheses

– Red Cell Analysis

– Organizational Charting / Network Analysis

– Exploring Motivations (Asking ‘Why?’ Instead of ‘What?’)

– Thinking Critically

– Identifying and Removing Bias