Iran commander says Hezbollah ‘more power’ than Israeli Defense Force


An Iranian military commander has made the bold claim that Tehran-armed proxy militant group Hezbollah can now willfully disregard Israeli military might because the group is more powerful.

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Hossein Salami made his comments following earlier statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Russian-led alliance in Syria had defeated ISIS and anti-regime forces.

Salami’s comments reflect a growing confidence that in addition to receiving new weapons and acquiring combat experience in Syria and Iraq, Hezbollah has now become a ‘mini-army’ that is a power unto itself, and more than a match for the Israeli army and air forces.

He said at a forum in Tehran that “any new war between Israel and another party, including Hezbollah, threatens the regime’s [Israel’s] survival”. “This shows that the US is in serious decline in its ability to prolong the Zionist regime’s survival.” [source]

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