Low Intensity Conflict – Daily Roll-Up for 08 December

This report is a roll-up of activity from revolutionary communist, radical anarchist, fascist, and other indicators that fulfill our intelligence requirements for both the Alt-Left and Alt-Right from 08 December. This report includes activity in Texas, Georgia, and a new project by anarchists to create an effective manual. This report is for subscribers of Low Intensity Conflict.

Austin: George Ciccariello-Maher, the professor put on leave from Drexel University after tweeting “All I want for Christmas is white genocide,” spoke at UT campus on a class titled Making Campus Unsafe for White Supremacists. “Students need to organize to de-platform these speakers, and they need to organize to establish structures for organizations, networks and alliances that will allow them to defend campus from the right.” (Source: http://www.dailytexanonline.com/2017/12/06/students-seek-guidance-to-make-campus-inhospitable-for-white-supremacy)

Oregon: Rose City Antifa released another patch of screenshots taken from the white nationalist CCC Discord server documenting the various banner drops and propaganda efforts from these groups. (Source: http://rosecityantifa.org/articles/fascist-tactics/)

Identity Evropa: A drone video of a massive Identity Europa banner drop in Atlanta, GA that reads “AMERICA FIRST. END IMMIGRATION.” (Source: https://twitter.com/IdentityEvropa/status/938717486941290496)

Anarchist Terrorism: A new online project called “Warrior Up: Techniques for Sabotaging Capitalist Infrastructure & Extractive Industries” puts out a call to action by helping create a new manual to help anarchists and other rebels carry out more effective methods of terrorism against the state and economy. They are seeking guides, obscure industry literature, counter insurgency manuals, and even non-English material that they will translate from French or Spanish. “We need the help of all the brilliant troublemakers in the international anarchist space to make this resource more relevant and comprehensive.” (Source:  https://insurrectionnewsworldwide.com/2017/12/08/new-online-project-warrior-up-techniques-for-sabotaging-capitalist-infrastructure-extractive-industries/) (Source:https://warriorup.noblogs.org/)

Blake Morgan is an open source analyst and holds a BA in Border and Homeland Security Studies with a focus on intelligence.

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