– Intelliwiki – Forward Observer’s own threat intelligence wiki where we can collaboratively post current/updated information about gangs, cartels, and violent ethnic/political organizations, and drill down into locale-specific threats.

– Threat indicator database to keep track of our early warning systems (currently built out in spreadsheets). You’ll be able to check up on early warning indicators for war/conflict, domestic/economic instability, etc.

– Private groups for projects, info sharing, etc. (encrypted and password protected, but remember that you’re still on the internet). This is going to replace Unseen for future battle tracking and other intel exercise/ops/scenarios.

– An updated Forum to communicate with FO Staff and each other. I’m bringing on a couple of buddies for this one, including a former 18F to help out

– A fully-functional Library so I can get the rest of my document database uploaded. I have 30Gs of intel/security/warfare manuals, reports, and other docs. The Library will also house a webinar archive that’s EASILY navigable.

– An online/distance learning portal so you can ‘enroll’ in online courses (and also so we can continually post new courses/training modules for you).

– A collaborative mapping system so users can plot events on map layers.  This is going to help us get a visual picture of gang activity, protests/riots, and other types of events.

– And eventually we’ll get the local threats dashboard up and running so you can get a constant feed of local info, sourced from local/state/fed databases and other open sources. More to follow on that later because it’s going to be expensive.