Most Likely Course of Action Contest

Step One: Consider the conditions that might make organized and revolutionary political violence possible. What triggers it?

Step Two: Consider the location(s) where organized, revolutionary political violence will occur.

Step Three: Consider the outcomes of this organized, revolutionary political violence.


Complete these three steps for at least three scenarios. Provide your thoughts; write out a complete scenario. And then of your three potential courses of action, identifying the Most Likely Course of Action (MLCOA) and the Most Dangerous Course of Action (MDCOA).



PCOA1: After the re-election of Donald Trump, the Students for Violent Revolution attack police officers at a XYZ University and hold students hostage until President Trump resigns. (MLCOA)

PCOA2: After a prominent antifascist is arrested for conspiracy to commit terror, former Weatherman bombers organize a bombing campaign against government targets in New York City and Berkeley, CA. (MDOCA)

PCOA3: After the government declassifies documents which prove the existence of aliens, the Antifascist movement marches on Washington D.C. to remove President Trump from office, and they’re all killed by the Secret Service.


I’ll choose a winner no later than Wednesday, 15 November and announce it on Forward Observer Radio. I need your answers no later than Tuesday, 14 November.