New predictions of civil unrest: here’s the first thing to do

Combing through my daily read file today, I came across an interesting piece of information.

According to a Georgetown University survey, 7 in 10 Americans say that the country is “on the edge of civil war.”

The executive director of the institute that conducted the Battleground Poll Civility survey says that the climate is going to make the 2020 election “a sort of race to the bottom, or has the potential to be a race to the bottom.”

That’s not news, but it’s continuing evidence to support the take that a large portion of Americans are uneasy about the country’s future.

There are lots of predictions that impeachment is going to cause massive civil unrest.

As I covered in one of my Early Warning reports this week, there’s solid evidence to suggest that left wing activists will push mass mobilization during the impeachment process to pressure the Senate to remove President Trump from office.

Bottom line: if impeachment in the House is successful, then you should expect mass mobilization of activists and protestors across the country.

If you share the concern that civil unrest will surround the impeachment process, here’s the absolute first thing I’d do…


Identify the left wing and right wing activist groups that operate in your area, or the areas closest to you. Make a list.

If left wing activists mobilize to conduct protest activities ranging from civil disobedience to ‘direct action,’ then you can expect some disruption to take place.

That disruption may include the blocking of key bridges and intersections, commercial and worker strikes, student walk outs, the harassment of Trump supporters or other Republicans, and potentially political violence.

I’ll have more in this week’s Watch Report, my weekly intelligence report that documents the progression of our domestic conflict.

If you want insight into what’s going on in this conflict, what you can expect, and when you can expect it, then start a free 7-day trial to my Warning service. You can sign up here:


Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper

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  1. Mr Culper: might I suggest it go something like this? 2020 elections will be spiked, Trump denied his win on TV, as usual CIA types say Russia is helping him win, shut it down. That would bring out everyone …the reason they are pushing hard for VA gun confiscation is they can’t allow armed response in to DC in 2020 when they pull this garbage. (Look at Boris Johnson response to see what the playbook is).

    Anyhow as a suggestion can you setup a FTPMAIL server so ham radio operators can email your site for direct updates …if the VA thing sparks every ham in every state will be listening. Text only no ads for all reporting and we can send info back over HF in real time as long as we can hit working RMS gateways across the world. (Think saildocs as they use an email catalog system ).
    Thanks in advance …

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