Countdown to 2020...
The culture War is Turning Violent and Likely to Worsen
From: Samuel Culper
Date: December 2018
Location: Austin, Texas

A number of prominent voices are warning of collapse, civil war, domestic conflict, or wide spread civil unrest in the coming months or years.

And in any other situation, I might have totally dismissed them. But there are two reasons why their warnings should be taken seriously.

1. Because I respect the opinions of many of these people; and
2. Because my own research confirms some their concerns.

Hedge fund founder Ray Dalio, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), Steve Bannon, bankers, Silicon Valley executives and many other prominent voices have all warned about fiscal catastrophe, widespread civil unrest, or protracted political violence in America's future.

Many Americans feel that something is coming.

But what will it look like?

When will we see it?

Are we already seeing it?

Just how bad can things get?
Those are questions we answer each week in the National Intelligence Bulletin.

Stay informed on the people, groups, and events threatening the country.

Understand the structural vulnerabilities, accelerators, and triggers that could lead to unrest and violence.

Maintain situational awareness and be better prepared to act before others when a significant event develops.

Stay ahead of the curve

Get Early Warning Before the Balloon Goes Up
For years, I've blogged about the developing conditions leading us to what I believe will be a domestic conflict.

Before leaving the Intelligence Community in 2012, I started a small blog called Guerrillamerica because I saw the the Left's lurch to the Far Left was driving social instability. The truth is that Obama was just the beginning.

In 2016, I started writing professional intelligence reports at Forward Observer because I knew that what Americans needed is insight and perspective into our developing conflict.

As a consumer of information, I know you don't need more headlines.

You need to maintain situational awareness on developing or deteriorating conditions.

You need to have a sense of what future conditions might look like. You need to know when to expect that future to materialize. And you need timely updates in an easily consumable format.

In short, you need something actionable.

That's something we provide.

If you want your own intelligence analysts who reduce uncertainty about the future and outline near-term risks and threats, here's your opportunity.

Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper
Director of Intelligence
Forward Observer

P.S. - These tectonic shifts in culture and politics are leading to an earthquake. You can maintain visibility on these structural risks, accelerators, and triggers of instability and violence through our Intelligence service. Try us out with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.
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