Convention re-cap through 20 July.  The protests have been milder than expected through Tuesday, with Wednesday seeing a little more unrest and violent activity.  Five arrests occurred on the first two days, and 17 on Wednesday.  Those 17 arrests were mainly due a flag burning incident, where protestors allegedly assaulted police officers, failed to disperse, or resisted arrest.  The most active anti-Trump/GOP groups have been the Revolutionary Communist Party USA (Revcom) and assorted anarchists.


Significant Reporting from Thursday, 21 July

1150: 2x males walking with Home Depot buckets at 8th and Superior

1152: 30 protestors wearing “Shake it to the roots” t-shirts marching on Public Square

1329: 200 marchers headed eastbound on Carnegie Bridge.

1526: Report of officer down at 14th and Euclid.

1548: Police reporting a man threatening to shoot into the crowd.  High risk advisory.

1610: Police officer had a liquid poured on his arm.  Reports his arm is feeling numb.

1615: Police calling for detainment of stickers with numbing substance.  Some with elephants, some that say “I am awesome.” Stickers were placed on police officers, leaving their arms feeling numb.

1644: Suspicious package left by unknown individual in front of the Renaissance Hotel. Unit is responding.

1650: Flag burning is not illegal, but having an open flame is illegal in the zone.  An open flame in relation to burning a flag, however, is not illegal.

1700: Scheduled flag burning at the Soldiers and Sailors monument.  1152 marker.

1701: New officer exposed to skin-numbing sticker.

1704: Officers reporting being stabbed by protestors with syringes.

1710: Syringes are now deemed a prohibited item.

1711: Sticker man is being questioned by FBI and his stickers will be tested in a lab.

Significant Reporting from Wednesday, 20 July

1118: 150x anti-Trump protestors gathering in Public Square.

1128: 2x males open carrying while riding bikes southbound at Ontario and St. Clair.

1139: Approximately 200 protestors at Public Square; 1118 marker.

1152: 40 protestors blocking delegate access at East 4th and Prospect.

1205: 4th and Prospect is completely blocked by protestors sitting down and locking hands.  1152 marker.

1210: Police calling for arrest teams at 4th and Prospect to clear the way for delegates.  Ohio State Troopers en route.

1212: Arrest team moving from Blue Zone to Public Square (Purple Zone).

1217: East 4th and Prospect still locked down by protestors, 1152 marker.

1350: Infowars reporter Joe Biggs says DHS is looking for a stolen garbage truck and are concerned about it being used in an attack.

1555: East 4th and Prospect, REVCOM to burn an American flag.

1555: Bikers for Trump are at the stage with a fire extinguisher to respond to a flag burning ceremony. 1118 marker.

1600: Police officer: “Is it prohibited to burn flags?”

1601: Fire extinguishers are now prohibited items, as police do not know what might be in them.

1608: Fight breaks out on Prospect St., north of the convention center as flags are burned as protest.  1152 marker.

1621: Unlawful assembly warning give to protestors at 4th and Prospect.

1728: EOC acknowledges 17 arrests have been made so far. Charges include Felonious Assault on Police, failure to disperse and resisting arrest.

1713: Police en route to confiscate propane tanks, bricks, and rock salt from protestors.

1747: White male impersonating a police officer on East 9th and Prospect, attempting to gain access to a restricted area without credentials.  Has on gold patches on a white shirt, with ballistic vest.

1801: Police are ordering protestors and media out of the street at Ontario and Rockwell.

1816: Anarchists are changing into bright yellow shirts at Public Square.  1118 marker.

1854: East 2nd and Euclid, “some sort of device”.  EOD requested.



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