Nuclear-capable B-52s arrive in Guam for continuous presence


Nuclear-capable B-52 strategic bombers have arrived at Andersen Air Base in Guam and will become part of the permanent presence deterrent mission.

The Air Force said that two of the bombers have already arrived while four more will be sent in the coming days.

The B-52s join three B-2s and two B-1Bs already on the island (the B-1B fleet has only a conventional mission and is currently undergoing upgrades).

In addition to the B-52s, 300 additional Air Force ground and maintenance personnel will also be sent to Guam. It is believed that the B-52s will replace the B-1Bs, giving the U.S. Air Force a pair of nuclear-capable bombers on Guam rather than a nuclear-and-conventional capability.

Both bombers are expected to have commanding roles in any future air campaign against North Korea, launching stand-off cruise missile attacks at preselected targets. [source]

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