Hello Prepper Camp 2017 Attendees!

I hope your trips back home, whether it was 10 miles or 100, were safe! I was sad to leave Prepper Camp, but I did back to Austin a-okay.

Intelligence is an overlooked aspect of being prepared, so I’m glad that you’re interested! In order to make good decisions — especially for time-sensitive decision — we need access to good information. No other skill provides that. Intelligence should be the bedrock of your preparedness!

Here are some items of interest, whether you’re just getting started, need a refresher, or ready to get into the more advanced stuff.

Here’s the slide deck that I promised. It’s loosely what we talked about in my three morning sessions.



The Ultimate ACE Startup Guide

SHTF Intelligence: Getting Started Series (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV)

A Primer on Tactical Intelligence Collection

Intelligence Essentials for Community Security



We have two podcasts, both of which can be found on iTunes:

I would recommend listening to all our podcasts, however, here are some good episodes to get you started:



The Area Intelligence Course is our online intelligence course. We need to complete Area Studies. If we don’t know our areas, then we will be at a severe disadvantage during an emergency, especially if it’s prolonged. This course will get you squared away. And if you want to continue your studies from Prepper Camp and be ready to delve into more advanced stuff next year, this is a great foundation. ENROLL HERE for instant access to downloadable PDFs and 24/7/365 streaming videos.


Intelligence Subscriptions

We do offer two intelligence newsletters.

Strategic Intelligence was created to identify early warning for SHTF scenarios. It’s now expanded to include weekly situation reports on the risk of war with North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran/the Middle East. It also includes intelligence reporting on threats to critical infrastructure and the economic/financial sectors. Subscribe Monthly or Annually.

Low Intensity Conflict is a weekly look at the development of domestic conflict, revolutionary political movements, tribal violence, and other factors that disrupt our “civil” society. Each Thursday, we’ll bring you the latest news and analysis from the front lines of the culture war, and look for ways in which culture is spilling over into violence. Subscribe Monthly or Annually.


And that’s all for now. Thank you for hanging out at Prepper Camp this year, and I’m already looking forward to attending in 2018. – MS