SHTF Intelligence: Getting Started (Part One) Exercise

In the first article, we learned about Intelligence Requirements.  Your short homework for this exercise is to identify your intelligence gaps. I’ll get you started with some easy examples.

  1. Identify known sex offenders in the area.
  2. Identify known gangs in the area (or nearest large city).
  3. What is the strength and disposition of the gangs in the area?
  4. Identify all homes with signs that promote socialist candidates.
  5. Identify the nearest emergency services facilities (police, fire, EMS).
  6. Identify all grocery stores within a two mile radius.
  7. Identify all hardware stores within a two mile radius.
  8. Continue on with your own gaps…

SHTF Intelligence: Getting Started (Part Two) Exercise

In the second article, we talked about intelligence collection.  Now is the time to get your threat reporting set up.  Be sure to use Google Alerts or some other service so that we can automate collection.  Then focus on crime data and potential threats.  Once we have our Intelligence Requirements listed out (previous article), then we can begin identifying the websites or humans who can provide us the information.  Go ahead and start thinking about what friends and acquaintances (or friends of friends) you have that can satisfy your intelligence requirements.