Strategic Intelligence Summary for 17 November 2017

Low Intensity Conflict Report for 17 November 2017

[Low Intensity Conflict] Alt-Left mobilizing to shut down rallies this weekend

Air Force not receptive to Trump’s executive order regarding pilot call-ups

[Defense in Brief All Access] Serious shortages in manpower, planes and gear plaguing the Navy

[Low Intensity Conflict] Alt-Left ‘WikiLeaks’ reveals story behind Alt-Right leaks

[Defense in Brief] U.S. nuclear upgrades continue to be ‘highest’ priority but remain ‘underfunded’

[Defense in Brief] Final ground-based U.S. missile interceptor deployed in Alaska

Former USFK Deputy Commander outlines disastrous war with North Korea

[Strategic Intelligence Summary] for 10 November

[Low Intensity Conflict Report] – 10 November 2017

[Low Intensity Conflict] Fascist Group Releases UT Flash Rally Video

[Defense in Brief] U.S. Army fires new 30mm Stryker cannon in prep for major land war

[Defense in Brief] Navy tests hypersonic weapons that could strike anywhere in the world very quickly

[Defense in Brief] Coming soon: U.S. fighter planes with laser weapons

[Defense in Brief] Navy, Air Force begin building new long-range anti-ship weapon

[Defense in Brief] U.S. Navy forced to cannibalize fighter planes to keep existing wings operational

[Strategic Intelligence Summary] for 03 November 2017

[Defense in Brief] Pacific forces ‘wielding a butter knife’ against rising China

[Low Intensity Conflict Report] – 02 November 2017

[Defense in Brief] U.S. Navy’s submarine submergence certification behind schedule, idling subs for as long as two years

[Defense in Brief] Most U.S. Army R & D spending is geared toward a big war

[Defense in Brief] U.S. Navy wants a new frigate capable of many things

[Defense in Brief] HIMARS system test-fired aboard U.S. Navy warship

[Defense in Brief] Pentagon will have to forego needed National Guard helicopter upgrades

[Defense in Brief] Marines need faster ship-to-shore capability

27 October 2017 Strategic Intelligence Summary

[Low Intensity Conflict Report] – 26 October 2017

[Defense in Brief] U.S. Air Force ‘hemorrhaging’ pilots as shortage grows

[Low Intensity Conflict] Alt-Left propaganda directed towards the October 28 White Lives Matter rallies

[Defense in Brief] USMC establishing ‘red teams’ for all MEFs, MEBs

[Low Intensity Conflict] Alt-Left website becoming a ‘WikiLeaks’ outlet for exposing Alt-Right information

[Defense in Brief] Army National Guard joins cyber fight with first cyber-focused brigade

[Defense in Brief] Army chief Milley lays out force modernization priorities

[Strategic Intelligence] NATO holds nuclear drills, stands against Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

[Strategic Intelligence Summary] for 20 October 2017

[Low Intensity Conflict Report] – 19 October 2017

[Strategic Intelligence] Army Materiel Command head to make pre-positioned military stocks ‘combat-ready’

[Low Intensity Conflict] U.S.-based anarchist podcast praises arsonists, calls to disrupt police convention this weekend

[Low Intensity Conflict] Alt-Left groups organizing to oppose White Lives Matter rally on 28 October

[Low Intensity Conflict] Socialist group sets up legal defense fund for protesters at the University of Florida

[Low Intensity Conflict] Revolutionary communist group seeks funds to expand training

[Low Intensity Conflict] Alt-Left website receives, publishes online chat logs from an anti-communist group

[Strategic Intelligence] Military’s top officer provides an outlook for future wars

[Defense in Brief] U.S. Air Force to test next-gen ICBMs in 2020

Florida governor declares state of emergency ahead of Alt-Right speech at Univ of Florida

Understanding the Alt-Right: Where are they now, where are they going?

Strategic Intelligence Summary for 13 October 2017

[Low Intensity Conflict Report] – 12 October 2017

[Defense in Brief] Army to demonstrate new extended range artillery next year