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Forewarned is Forearmed.

We can’t know the future, but we can anticipate it. That’s our mission here at Forward Observer.

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“Early Warning is the best domestic and global intelligence brief available without a Top Secret clearance.”

Why Forward Observer?

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Forward Observer’s analysts are intelligence and special operations veterans with a lifetime of experience in overseas conflicts and contingency zones. They’re able to find the signal in the noise and deliver clear, concise intelligence reporting on what matters.

Check out our reporting suites below.

What is Early Warning?

Early Warning: Your playbook for the unexpected.

Early Warning is a weekly intelligence report that identifies and assesses risk across:

  • U.S. Agriculture & the Food Supply
  • Oil & Energy
  • Critical Infrastructure & the Power Grid
  • Commerce & Supply Chains
  • Politics & Governance
  • Economics & Finance
  • Low Intensity Conflict (extremist groups and political violence)
  • Geostrategic Shocks

What is Far Left Playbook?

Far Left Playbook: See what Far Left groups are planning for 2024.

Far Left Playbook is a weekly intelligence report that identifies organizing, strategy, and mobilization of Far Left groups.

  • Each Friday, get a weekly look ahead for protests, riots, and other potentially violent demonstrations.
  • You’ll see how Far Left groups are planning a return to domestic disruption in 2024.
  • Plus you get analysis and commentary on what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what you can expect from their actions.


Early Warning: For those who refuse to be caught off-guard.

Why react when you can anticipate the future?

You’ll stay ahead of the news cycle with our intel reports covering:


Find out before it happens. We cover threats to the food supply, the risk of political violence, what politicians and the government are doing behind closed doors, and other threat intelligence for emergency preparedness.


Keep your finger on the pulse of domestic disruption with our timely, relevant, and accurate warning of what’s ahead. We analyze agriculture, energy, supply chains, the economy, and the geopolitical picture.


Each day, we report on “great power” competition, focusing on what China and Russia are doing inside the United States, in the Western Hemisphere, and around the world.


Up to date coverage of armed belligerent groups driving domestic conflict. Is there a protest or riot near you? Find out with Early Warning.


See what our readers are saying.


“Early Warning has helped ease the uncertainty and clear the fog of war over the domestic [unrest], and I’m usually several days ahead of the curve.”




“Forward Observer’s Early Warning matches and frequently surpasses what I experienced during my three year tour in the national Intelligence Community.”


New Mexico


“The FO Early Warning Brief provides highly valuable, credible and actionable information that significantly improves our situational awareness. This is especially valuable at times like these when we are constantly flooded with bad information from the press and social media.”




“A great source of reporting what’s happening in an unbiased way. Commentary is supported w/critical thinking. An intelligence briefing underpinned with intelligence and integrity.”




“Forward Observer offers a unique, needed, valuable, and, most importantly, reliable source of not only timely information but insightful analysis… Artful and timely analysis is superior, and at all times useful.”




“Forward Observer’s Early Warning allows me to skip the nonsense news designed to elicit an emotion, and instead gives me actionable information of things to be aware of, whether that’s possible conflict at protests or economic instability.



“These guys do a great job of getting information out in an unbiased manner which I appreciate. It has been incredibly valuable to myself and my extended family in planning for the future.




“You can’t find this quality and timeliness of intelligence for anywhere else for the price. This work is top notch.


North Carolina


“Forward Observer’s Daily SA condenses what you need to know in order to see what’s coming. Fast, clear, and unbiased.




“As a former Army Officer it is important to know what is happening over the horizon. The information in the daily briefing keeps me up to speed on big-picture areas of interest. In these times of widespread media ineptitude/failure we need to find additional ways to keep up to speed.




“There are a million sources of information and analysis. I count on one hand those with operational utility. Forward Observer’s Early Warning is one of those rare few.




“I really look forward to the intelligence report each day… It helps me stay on top of economic and political developments and that allows me to take action while most are not even aware there’s a possibility of a problem. Early Warning could save your life in the next few years.




“Early Warning brief has been an amazing resource to stay aware of important events… One of my favorite interactions is when someone tells me “nobody could have seen this coming,” and I get to inform them that Forward Observer predicted that event weeks, months, or even years ahead.”




“The Early Warning email is required reading for sound analysis of government actions, low intensity conflict, and commentary on the world of finance (given the current global debt levels, this is especially timely). If you want a sober read of today’s flashpoints, without hyperbole, this is the newsletter you need to subscribe to.”




Getting the Early Warning brief is like having a curated news feed by intelligence experts. Saves me time and I can trust the information.




Forward Observer’s Early Warning is one of a small handful of resources I use daily to maintain my own situational awareness and inform my own additional research.




Forward Observer’s Early Warning is a superb source for news and information you will not receive in very many other sources. This is a report for those concerned about the current events taking place in our country. Stay informed is the best way to stay prepared.




The Early Warning gives me valuable information beyond my capability to collect and analyze. As such, it gives me heads up to key trends and potential hot spots to plan for and not be caught off guard.



With so much information available, it is great to have a trusted source to gather, prioritize, and deliver the most important data and proper analysis.



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