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Forward Observer provides expert insight into SHTF intelligence, security, defense and warfare from current and former intelligence professionals and special operations soldiers.

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Access to all intelligence and threat reporting:

  • FO‘s Dispatch is a series of intelligence briefs on people, trends, and events
  • Knowledgeability Briefs (KB) on domestic threat groups
  • Keep up to date on emerging and persistent threats
Access to the FO Library:

  • Hundreds of manuals, intelligence reports, white papers and other documents
  • Intelligence, special operations, security, defense
  • New documents uploaded each month
Access to our Lessons Learned archive:

  • Learn to identify points of failure
  • Avoid painful mistakes
  • Lessons Learned specifically covers intelligence and security
Regional threat analysis:

  • American Redoubt
  • Texas
  • Appalachian Redoubt (Coming Summer 2016)
  • Weekly Infrastructure Report
Weekly Executive Intelligence Summary (EXSUM)

  • National-level trends and intelligence
  • Relevant to SHTF preparedness
  • Delivered by email each Friday
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EXSUM infra-report

Be the most prepared you can be by learning from Forward Observer’ experts. Intelligence reporting each week that provides insights into intelligence, security, defense and warfare from community security and SHTF perspectives.

Our Channels:

Threat Matrix covers potential threats as well as current and known threats. From the potential for terrorism to gangs and the border invasion, you can stay current on the threat spectrum and have a better understanding of how they’ll affect your community.

The ACE stands for Analysis & Control Element, and it’s where we cover intelligence in action. Whether writing instructional articles about how to incorporate intelligence into your security and preparedness plan or providing insight into intelligence operations at home and abroad, The ACE is a one-stop shop for understanding intelligence.

On War is our stream covering conflict and warfare, explaining both a doctrinal understanding of warfare and our experiences from overseas operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

The Watchfloor is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) reporting from around the world, including translated articles from foreign press that give a unique perspective that often differs from what U.S. media is reporting.

In Focus is a collection of our book and product reviews, interviews with experts, and other media like the Forward Observer Podcast, educational webinars, and recorded public appearances.

Mountain Guerrilla is a collection of writings from John Mosby, a former U.S. Army Ranger and Special Forces soldier who covers SHTF from a tactical angle. He writes about topics you shouldn’t live without.


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