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Just wanted to say how incredibility well written and profoundly spot on this report was. Thank you for the continued excellent work!


Keep up the great work guys -you all are teaching me more than you’ll ever know; working on my area study as well, amongst other things. The professionalism you display in your daily and weekly posts really helps to keep me grounded and focused, and I appreciate that greatly – as you know, it is very easy to become caught up in the murk that is unfortunately so prevalent in the news today – which is designed to get us riled up, and away from thinking critically.


I attended one of your classes and had the chance to put everything learned to practical use during Hurricane Harvey… I was amazed at how overwhelmed and unprepared the community was for this event. Living on a major body of water, the people were shocked when the unthinkable happened and they had their lives turn up-side down… The stuff I learned in your class made a difference. The classes are beneficial for real-world events, not just for the [without-rule-of-law] scenarios.


Just read my latest edition of strategic intelligence. It rocked. You all are doing a fantastic job and making great improvements. As a subscriber, those improvements really can be seen from the amount of content coming into my email. Keep up the excellent work.