Black Friday: Area Intelligence Course + Warning

Area Intelligence Course

Completing an Area Study should be the first phase of security and preparedness planning. Through the Area Study, we investigate the layers of our Operating Environment and develop an informed understanding of area fault lines and vulnerabilities. The Area Study allows us to be specific with regards to threats and risks, including the follow-on effects of events that may happen hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Video Lessons:

  • The Intelligence Cycle (1-5)
  • Intelligence Preparation of the Community (Phases 1-4)
  • A Walk through for establishing the AO and AI using GoogleEarth
  • The Operating Environment
  • The Threat Environment


  • Threat Identification Worksheet
  • Likelihood/Impact Matrix Worksheet
  • Gang Awareness Product
  • Threat Assessment Worksheet
  • Intelligence Requirements Checklist/Templates
  • Area Study Template
  • Area Assessment Tool
  • 20+ intelligence and security publications

Warning (Annual)

Forewarned is Forearmed.

  • Early Warning: Our daily intelligence brief on the day’s threats and issues
  • Watch Report: Our weekly threat matrix with a look ahead to next week’s events
  • Strategic Warning: Our monthly threat matrix showing structural risks, accelerators, and potential triggers of conflict and emergency scenarios