The Daily SA for Friday, 02 July 2021 – Forward Observer

The Daily SA for Friday, 02 July 2021

ADMIN NOTE: The Forward Observer team will not be publishing a Daily SA or Early Warning brief for Monday, 05 July in observance of Independence Day. We hope you have a great 4th of July!


  • U.S. and British intelligence release a joint warning over Russian hacking
  • Supreme Court upholds Arizona voter laws
  • Officials warn of low propane supply levels, disruption is possible
  • Grayscale makes a very bullish case for Cardano
  • Tropical Storm Elsa headed towards Florida
  • Far Left Activity Rollup & Outlook


CYBER: The NSA, FBI, CISA and Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre released a joint cybersecurity advisory on a Russian GRU-backed global hacking campaign. According to the release, Russia’s 85th Main Special Service Center, military unit 26165 “[conducted] widespread, distributed, and anonymized brute force access attempts against hundreds of government and private sector targets worldwide.” The persistent attacks began in at least mid-2019, targeting email accounts and network credentials. – D.M.

SCOTUS: The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that states may enforce their own election laws even if they’re alleged to have a disparate impact on minorities. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Arizona laws that allow the state to toss ballots cast in the wrong precinct. A second law was upheld that makes it illegal for anyone other than family members and postal workers from delivering mail-in ballots. Some states see this as a positive sign in enforcing laws designed to crack down on voter fraud. Due to the court’s partisan 6-3 split, expect continued resentment over how these laws affect future elections.

PROPANE: Energy officials reported decreased propane supplies while prices are double that of last year. “As these dynamics continue, the U.S. market would project to hit dangerously low propane inventories,” warned Raymond James analysts. Continued demand is expected as propane is used to dry crops in the fall, while some use it to heat their homes during the winter. Officials say Americans will spend 14% more on propane this winter, while natural gas prices are up 40% from last year. Limited disruption is possible this year. – M.S.

CARDANO: Grayscale has added the Cardano cryptocurrency token ADA to its Digital Large Cap Fund. Cardano is now reportedly Grayscale’s third-largest holding. Grayscale makes the bullish case for Cardano, as smart contracts are expected to be implemented within the next 60 days. I’ll provide my analysis and perspective on this, along with market commentary and where the crypto space is headed in today’s Crypto Observer. Readers can receive this new report by subscribing here: 


HURRICANE SEASON: Hurricane Elsa continues to move slowly across the Atlantic toward Cuba and is expected to weaken as it impacts Florida next week.

In today’s Early Warning, we take a look at current conditions facing Antifa militants and Black Lives Matter activists at events likely to become violent over the weekend. Plus, an armed march by an armed black revolutionary group is drawing law enforcement attention. Upgrade your situational awareness by becoming an Early Warning subscriber at

Mike Shelby is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. He's now the CEO of Forward Observer.

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