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The United States has entered a period of turbulence referred to as Low Intensity Conflict.

Forward Observer provides situational awareness and early warning for what’s ahead.

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What is Early Warning?

Early Warning is advanced notice that a specific event will happen in the future.

Forward Observer’s military veterans specialize in Low Intensity Conflict, and produce a daily intelligence brief called Early Warning.

Here’s what’s included in your Early Warning subscription:

Intelligence Summary

You’ll receive the Early Warning intelligence brief in your email inbox Monday through Friday.

Indications & Warnings

We keep our finger on the pulse of disruption and conflict. We provide you with timely, relevant, and accurate warning of what’s ahead.

Political Warning

Significant activity from the White House, Congress, government agencies, and the political insurgency.

Radical & Extremist Groups

Up to date coverage of armed belligerent groups driving domestic conflict.

Economic Warning

Economic conditions can negatively affect our Low Intensity Conflict. We issue financial, economic, and monetary warning from the country’s top investment firms and hedge funds.

Early Warning Podcast

Join Sam each day as he goes deeper into the day’s reporting.

From the CEO of Forward Observer:

I’m a former soldier, Intelligence NCO, and contractor.  I left the Intelligence Community in 2012 over concerns of where the country was headed.  I founded Forward Observer in 2016 as a way to track radical, revolutionary, and extremist groups involved in “Low Intensity Conflict” in the United States.

Low Intensity Conflict is the model for the current unrest that will result in greater disruption and violence, likely lasting well into the decade. It exists below conventional war, but above routine, peaceful competition. It’s the “gray area” between war and peace.

We’ve undoubtedly entered a new period of conflict and instability.  Luckily, intelligence reduces uncertainty about the future.  Our readers understand the value of intelligence, and they rely on our analysis to keep them informed about the future.  I hope you will too.

– Mike Shelby

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