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Daily SA: State policies ignite new secession movement

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  • State policies ignite new secession movement
  • Senators demand expulsion of Russian diplomats
  • Postal Service explores financial services

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SECESSION: Recent polling from the University of Virginia shows a significant percentage of Democrats and Republicans have a negative view of democracy and fundamental American ideals like free speech. Researchers note the calls for secession are growing, but a significant indicator of strife is a decline in interstate commerce. The Constitution’s Commerce Clause precludes states from “punishing” each other economically, but the courts are allowing expanded interstate limits based on “emergency rules,” which have yet to sunset. Travel restrictions enacted by states include; transgender policies, pandemic restrictions, and abortion policies. (AC: The political nature of trade and commerce restrictions are clear as states like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut only enacted pandemic-related restrictions for heavily Republican states, despite higher infection rates in New England. Courts are waiting for Congress to intervene, which appears unlikely as the domestic political environment continues to degrade. – D.M.)

RUSSIA: A bipartisan group of Senators on the Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committee wrote to President Biden urging him to expel at least 300 Russian diplomats from the United States. The continued diplomatic squabbling extends from Russia’s hiring ban on the U.S. embassy in Moscow. Local Muscovites and third-country staff were precluded from gaining employment at the embassy to disrupt diplomatic and consulate operations in Moscow. The senators are demanding the Russians increase visa issuances, warning that “If such action is not taken, we urge you [Biden admin] to begin expelling Russian diplomats, to bring the U.S. diplomatic presence to parity. We believe such a step would be reasonable and reciprocal.” (AC: Russia considers local national employees as part of the diplomatic missions’ total personnel numbers, which is at best a dishonest accounting. The U.S. previously expelled about 60 Russian diplomats and NATO is following suit, signaling further degradation of relations with Russia. – D.M.)

POSTAL: The U.S. Postal Service is testing a banking program at four locations on the East Coast. The first phase is letting people “cash” their payroll checks up to $500 on a single-use debit card, with future plans to offer on-site ATMs, bill payment, and wire transfer services. USPS is developing these plans to generate revenue and retain relevance as consumers largely rely on other postal services and banking options. (AC: Should the U.S. create a digital or blockchain-based currency, the postal service would be a likely test agency for the implementation and financial services. USPS also enacted their slowdown for first-class mail on 1 Oct. This will impact an estimated 40% of mail, resulting in slower mail deliveries than the 1970s. – D.M.)


HURRICANE SEASON: Nothing significant to report.

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