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National Intelligence Bulletin

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National Intelligence Bulletin
Why National Intelligence Bulletin?

We Help You Solve the Three Major Information Problems

Let’s see if these sound familiar to you…

You just can’t trust the media anymore.

I’m inundated with so much daily information. I don’t have enough time or interest.

Even alternative media sources are prone to freaking out over nothing and providing bad information.

Overthrow the Tyranny of Noise

Mike Shelby here. I’m a former Intelligence NCO, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and CEO of Forward Observer. And I’m also what you might call a “prepper”.

Today I’m going to share how we can help you solve three major problems.


“You just can’t trust the mainstream media anymore.”

Hundreds of readers have told me some version of this over the past seven years of running Forward Observer.

In fact, that loss of public trust with news sources is one reason why we have subscribers at all… so thanks, CNN!

Let me tell you about another complaint I hear…


“I’m inundated with daily information. It’s too much and I don’t have the time or the interest.”

That’s a big problem, and I’m guessing it affects us all.

Media outlets and social media generate a massive amount of noise.

 The good news is that tuning out the static and improving your signal-to-noise ratio is a solvable problem.

We can solve that with one weekly assessment that you can scan and act on.


“Even the alternative media is prone to freaking out over nothing and providing bad information.”

Remember when the pundits said that new *cough* in China wasn’t a big deal (and then kept lying about natural immunity)?

And remember when the pundits said Russia wouldn’t invade Ukraine, and then were surprised when global commodities spiked?

And remember when millions of Americans were going to die due to the food shortages of 2022? Those predictions weren’t too long ago! (Luckily, we explained why this would not happen…)

Compare that to my company, Forward Observer:

We were early on COVID.

Early on the Russian invasion.

And we’re always trying to be early on the next big thing.

We are 100% subscriber-funded. If we get it wrong, customers leave. We have every incentive to be timely, relevant, accurate and right!

Here’s how we can solve all three of these problems, quickly and efficiently…

Robert Cook (our domestic analyst) and I were talking the other day — what if we at Forward Observer could solve all three problems?

What if we produced an intel brief that provides perspective on, say, a half dozen sectors: 

  • Agriculture & the Food Supply
  • Oil & Energy
  • Economics & Finance (& the financial crisis)
  • Commerce & Supply Chain
  • Low Intensity Conflict (political violence)
  • Geostrategic Shocks (the risk of geopolitical crisis & war)

What if we were able to use our network of industry contacts to ask about the risk of disruption to our lives?

What if we were able to provide outlooks on those risks and when potential disruption could occur?

And what if we sent out one weekly email so readers could take informed action on the latest disruption indicators?

That’s exactly what the National Intelligence Bulletin is.


What’s in the National Intelligence Bulletin?

Here’s some of what’s in our very first issue:


The risk of decreased availability and possible beef shortages in the coming years.


Ongoing issues with East Coast diesel fuel supplies, and what you can expect in the months ahead.


The risk of power outages for two-thirds of the country. (It’s just becoming an annual thing now.)


More trouble ahead for small U.S. banks, and a warning over the commercial real estate crash (plus on an update on the 2023-24 recession).

Meet the men behind National Intelligence.

Max Morton

Strategic Warning Analyst

Max is a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and a former CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer. He’s our Strategic Warning Analyst who looks at geostrategic developments and the risk of war.

Robert Cook

Domestic & Political Warning Analyst

Robert is a former Army All-Source Intelligence Analyst with experience in Iraq and the Middle East. He has a Master’s degree in Grand Strategy, and he’s the Domestic and Political Warning Analyst.

Mike Shelby

Founder & CEO

Mike is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor, and a veteran of Iraq (1x) and Afghanistan (2x). He founded Forward Observer in 2016 to bring vital intelligence to those who need it most: the American People.

Free When You Subscribe — Bonus #1

Gray Zone Research Report #001

Get Mike’s first-ever Gray Zone Research report, entitled “Dying of Money”. In this issue Mike addresses:

  • The short-term economic and monetary trajectory
  • The history and implications of hyperinflation (focusing primarily on the Weimar hyperinflationary collapse)
  • The overall risk of hyperinflation (including the seven ways it could happen this decade)
  • And a special section on defensive and proactive strategies to take if we start to see early warning signs of hyperinflation
Free When You Subscribe — Bonus #2

Gray Zone Research #002

You’ll also receive Mike’s Gray Zone Research report on the history of empire collapse. In this issue, Mike addresses:

  • The four theories of empire collapse
  • Which of the four theories apply to the American Empire (spoiler alert: they all do)
  • Sir John Glubb’s imperial cycles
  • The history and math behind imperial cycles
  • Ray Dalio’s New World Order timeline
  • And a special section on what you can do to prepare for the collapse of the American Empire

See what our readers are saying about National Intelligence


Absolutely outstanding. Greatly appreciate the color coded chart at the beginning, the ultimate in quick reference and outstanding visual of exactly what you think… Unquestionably the best information and analysis out there bar none, allowing your readers to prepare accordingly.




“I like the info and the format. The quick read graph at the top allows a quick check. I will be subscribing.”


North Carolina


“I like this format very much. Everything is on point, clear and concise! Very nice job!”




I absolutely LOVE your emails. Please continue to bring the truth without an agenda.




“I’m favorably impressed with this new weekly digest thing.”




Awesome report that covers the spectrum… I have never liked the hair on fire doom people and y’all really cut through the b.s. Thanks.




“These guys do a great job of getting information out in an unbiased manner which I appreciate. It has been incredibly valuable to myself and my extended family in planning for the future.




“You can’t find this quality and timeliness of intelligence for anywhere else for the price. This work is top notch.


North Carolina


“The NIB is a welcome addition and appreciate the insights. As always, y’all are out ahead of the general media.




“Your report covered most of the info that I have been looking for… Reading your report was like putting it all together to view the whole picture.


Armed Forces Pacific


“Your information takes away all the hype and speculations from other presenters. I really like this NIB. Easy to understand and a quick read.


North Carolina


“Really appreciate the domestic focus on this new report. Forward Observer just keeps getting better!”




Appreciate what the team does to break down the multiple streams of info, and lay out concise, matter of fact paragraph points.




That was an absolutely great analysis of information that impacts the homeland! I love having this, plus my daily briefing. Seriously helps get information correlated. Great job!”




I think this is a great addition and signed up today… Thanks for another great product!




I love it! I love the style of writing, the graphics are easy to understand and it’s well organized. I also love how the threat level is assigned.




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