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Stay Ahead of the Curve

The United States has entered a period of turbulence referred to as Low Intensity Conflict.
Forward Observer provides situational awareness and early warning for what’s ahead.

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You can’t depend on the “news” to give you the full picture.

Our country and the world are changing fast. Those who understand these changes have a strategic advantage over those who don’t.

It’s why hedge funds, investment banks, members of the U.S. military, and even State Department personnel are reading our reports to find what’s missing from their current sources.

Everyday Americans deserve to know exactly what we’re learning in our global research and intelligence reporting. That’s why we run Forward Observer.

Get Black Friday deals that let you bypass fake news and gain real actionable insights:

  • What’s really happening behind closed doors in D.C.?
  • What are the risks and challenges to the U.S. food supply, agriculture, and energy production?
  • What’s next on inflation, recession, and the financial crisis?
  • The new Cold War between the West and the East — who will establish the next global order?
  • What’s the risk of an overt, conventional military conflict with China and Russia?
  • What’s going on with domestic radical and revolutionary groups? Will we see an armed domestic conflict?
  • In answering these questions, our goal at Forward Observer is to be right and be early.


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Tune in the signal and tune out the noise with a Forward Observer subscription. Becoming a subscriber means you can:

  • Know what to expect on inflation, recession, and a financial crisis
  • Stay ahead of mainstream reporting, where you learn after an event has already happened
  • Understand events in proper context – we’ll tell you what we think is important and how to prepare for it
  • Receive early warning on major events that are about to happen
  • Get out of the media rat race news cycle
  • Save time and worry by avoiding media fear mongering

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For Awareness
The Daily Situational Awareness

  • Get our daily domestic and global intel brief with an overview of the day’s developments you can read in under 10 minutes.
  • Daily video live streams with the team breaking down what’s in the report.
  • In Focus – special reports and topical deep dives into major events and trends shaping our lives and the world.
  • PLUS access to the Forward Observer Library — a collection of government, military, and foreign documents of interest
Black Friday Bonus:
  • A print copy of Mike’s upcoming book, The Area Intelligence Handbook

For Decision-Makers
Early Warning

  • Hedge funds, money managers, banks, and other financial firms read our reports — you get to read what they’re reading at a fraction of the cost
  • Economic Early Warning – Mike provides a weekly economic outlook and outlines early warning signs of economic, financial, and monetary instability.
  • Strategic Intelligence – A deep dive into East-West bifurcation and the shifting world order. Which side will come out on top? We track the score in this monthly intelligence report.
  • Indications & Warnings – Our semi-weekly newsletter tracking military movements and how the U.S., allies, and adversaries are preparing for war.
Black Friday Bonus:
  • Get the Daily Situational Awareness intel brief as a part of your Early Warning subscription.
  • PLUS: One-year access to Gray Zone Research – Mike’s personal research into the history of civil wars, domestic conflicts, and collapsing empires. Each month, Mike provides a view of current events through the lens of history, what to expect, and how to prepare for it.
  • Copy of Mike’s new book, The Area Intelligence Handbook

For A Lifetime Of Readiness
Forward Observer Lifetime Program

  • Lifetime access: The Daily SA
  • Lifetime access: Early Warning
  • Lifetime access: Gray Zone Research newsletter
  • Note: We’re raising our Lifetime Subscriber price after this year
Black Friday Bonus:
  • Copy of Mike’s new book, The Area Intelligence Handbook
  • PLUS a 30-minute call with Mike to discuss your concerns and his best advice on how to prepare for future turbulence.

Hear What Subscribers Are Saying

“There are a million sources of information and analysis. I count on one hand those with operational utility. Forward Observer’s Early Warning is one of those rare few.“


“The Early Warning brief has been an amazing resource to stay aware of important events. One of my favorite interactions is when someone tells me “Nobody could have seen this coming,” and I get to inform them that Forward Observer predicted that event weeks, months, or even years ahead.”


“Forward Observer’s Early Warning condenses what you need to know in order to see what’s coming. Fast, clear, and unbiased.“



Will you rely on lazy journalism and prefabricated talking points to keep informed?
Or will you have the knowledge and foresight to protect what you value most.
The choice is yours.

Most Affordable The Daily Situational Awareness

Perfect For:
Casual news readers who want a keen awareness of the day’s most important events, presented without bias, and covering what the mainstream isn’t.

Black Friday Bonus For Annual Members:

  • Copy of Mike’s new book, The Area Intelligence Handbook
Most Popular Early Warning

Perfect For:
Decision-makers who need more in-depth analysis and accurate outlooks to make important, strategic decisions.

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  • One-year access to the Gray Zone Research newsletter
  • Copy of Mike’s new book, The Area Intelligence Handbook
Best Value Forward Observer Lifetime Program

Perfect For:
Readers who want a complete intel package that allows them to be ahead of critical global events. Support the Forward Observer mission and never worry about paying again.

Black Friday Bonus For Annual Members:

  • Copy of Mike’s new book, The Area Intelligence Handbook