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The Early Warning Network

America is an empire in decline, but we believe that Americans aren’t helpless. We’re a strong people, we persist through adversity and we never quit. We can revive the Spirit of America but we have to fix some things first.

That’s why we started the Early Warning Network. Here’s our strategy:

Start Your Day with an Intel Brief

The Early Warning briefing covers what you’re missing in the traditional news cycle — actionable information. Each morning, our intel team discusses the latest indicators of risk and disruption ranging from politics and the economy to domestic extremist groups and the U.S. geostrategic situation.

Achieve Self-Reliance

Break free from fragile and failing systems. Like you, we have families to care for and assets to protect. Our weekly online training webinars focus on disaster preparedness, community security, and how to position yourself against financial and monetary risk through alternative investments like precious metals, real assets, crypto assets, and foreign holdings.

Find Your Tribe

Join one of 30 State and Regional Hubs where digital communities are forming physical networks. Attend any of the regular meetups across the country, build lasting relationships with like-minded people, and find or expand your tribe.

Strategic Relocation

We believe preparing for the future includes political alignment. Americans are moving across states, across the nation, and increasingly to foreign countries to be aligned with their political and social values. Have questions about where to move or what you can expect in these places? Our relocation and realty experts are here to help!

How it works

Get plugged in in four easy steps.

  1. Sign Up Below
    Choose your plan, join the Network, and get instant access to our latest intelligence briefings and online events.
  2. Train Up
    Members get access to weekly training webinars on disaster preparedness, community security, local intelligence, communications, and other key skills.
  3. Find Your Tribe & Build Your Network
    Get involved in our State and Regional Hubs where you can share information with others who live in your area. Then attend regional meetups to build lasting, positive relationships.
  4. At-Risk to Resilient
    Increase your knowledge and skills, anticipate future events, and build a local network of like-minded people to cooperate during a disaster. The Early Warning Network enables you to move from reactive to proactive and isolated to connected.

Start your Early Warning Network Membership

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