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Early Warning
Early Warning

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“Sam reads the tremors before the earthquake.”



“Forward Observer offers a unique, needed, valuable, and, most importantly, reliable source of not only timely information but insightful analysis… Artful and timely analysis is superior, and at all times useful.”



“I missed my daily intelligence briefings after I retired [from the military after 32 years]. Not only do I get intelligence in a way I like, I am also supporting fellow veterans. That there, folks, is a win-win!”


“Great information not seen by most Americans.”



“I’m head of [business continuity] for a mid-sized regional bank… I was ahead of the curve on getting our company’s operation ready for [emergencies]. Thanks.”



“Thorough, dispassionate facts and analysis in my inbox every morning. Everything I need, nothing I don’t.”



“Early Warning has helped ease the uncertainty and clear the fog of war over the domestic [unrest], and I’m usually several days ahead of the curve.”



“Useful information, reliable reports, and intelligent analysis. Promote ahead of peers.”



“One of my favorite resources to stay abreast of what’s going on… The guys at Early Warning do a fantastic job… an incredible value. Thank you.”



Our Mission

We believe that additional conflict is in America’s future.

Our analysts are military veterans, and have operated in overseas conflicts and contingency zones. We’re able to find the signal in the noise and deliver clear, concise reporting on what matters.


We used evidenced-based reasoning and structured analytic techniques to think clearly about the future of American conflict.

Track Record

We have a proven track record of offering high level, accurate insights and perspectives.

Status Quo

We challenge status quo thinking about instability, systems disruption, collapse, and conflict through our analysis and intelligence reporting.

Situational Understanding

Go beyond situational awareness. Increase your situational understanding, make better decisions, and reduce your uncertainty about the future.