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August Update on the Second American Civil War

In previous posts, I’ve covered in detail why we’re already in a domestic conflict — the Second American Civil War, if you will (although I don’t favor the term “civil war” to describe it).

To recap: The current culture war won’t be a conventional war. We’re not talking about tanks in the streets or bombing insurgents into submission. The combatants of tomorrow won’t take part in pitched battles of maneuver warfare, but they’ll engage in what we’re already seeing:

  • diplomatic warfare
    • solidarity in international socialism and the progressive status quo
    • hyperbolic warnings on the international rise of Nazism/fascism
  • political warfare
    • soft coup against a sitting president
    • battle over mass immigration
    • struggle for political dominance in order to punish
  • economic warfare
    • boycotts
    • politicization of corporations and commerce
    • de-platforming
  • information operations/propaganda
    • selective reporting of the news
    • political messaging pushed through media/news outlets
    • censorship on social media platforms
  • cultural/class war
    • movies, tv, and music
    • education system
  • sporadic political violence
    • Scalise shooting
    • attacks on Trump supporters

In other words, our war includes all the activities below the threshold of conventional war, but above routine, peaceful competition. (Read: What will it take to start a domestic conflict?)

Each and every time we’ve experienced a tectonic shift in culture, there’s been conflict, and sometimes it turns into organized violence (actual war). There are three periods where this is especially evident:

Taxation and Liberty in the lead up to the American Revolution.

States’ rights and slavery in the Civil War.

Civil Rights and the cultural revolution in the 1960s and into the 1970s.

Each of these led to conflict, and only in the third example did these cultural shifts (or their battles for cultural supremacy) not lead to war. Whereas the Civil Rights movement was about achieving equal rights, the Leftist movements of today are about establishing political, economic, and cultural dominance. It’s not just a fight to put their people into power; it’s a fight to put their enemies out of business and bury opposing ideology. This kind of dominance portends domestic conflict.

The Leftist push for mass immigration is about achieving political dominance through voting.

The Leftist push in technology, mainstream media, social media, education, Hollywood, and pop culture is about achieving economic and cultural dominance through disrupting economic opportunity and re-defining Free Speech. (“I support the Freedom of Speech, but x is not free speech.”)

The Far Left — the coalition of communists, socialists, progressives, and their sympathizers — is maneuvering to dominate and eventually destroy America’s conservative and traditional societies. They’re doing a great job of isolating and challenging long-held American beliefs. Christianity is now oppressive. Capitalism is now oppressive. Family values are now heteronormative and oppressive. And in the Leftist world where power and influence often begins at victimhood, the desire to be oppressed far outweighs the actual oppressors. That’s why opinions once considered “American” and common sense are now oppressive — not because they actually oppress, but because the Left thrives on the appearance of oppression. Tectonic cultural shifts create earthquakes, and that’s what we’re seeing now. The Left is going Far Left so much so that there’s a war inside the Democratic Party over just-how-far-left-do-we-really-want-to-go?

Meanwhile, the Left continues to oppress to extend their cultural revolution.

This morning, InfoWars was permanently deleted from Facebook. YouTube then deleted the official InfoWars account with 2.5 million subscribers. Apple and Google are also censoring InfoWars on their platforms. (InfoWars’ major competitor, CNN, recently lobbied Facebook to ban InfoWars. And now four major companies de-platformed InfoWars within 12 hours. That’s coordination.) Love them or hate them, InfoWars undoubtedly had an impact on the election of Donald J. Trump. InfoWars was (and is) disruptive. And now they’re gone from major platforms — not because of hate speech or violations of the terms of service, but because it was disruptive to the Left’s cultural revolution.

As their slogan describes: “There’s a war on for your mind,” indeed.

If you’re concerned about where we’re headed as a country, whether on the near-end of the spectrum or the far end of the spectrum (social, political and economic instability; domestic conflict; or collapse of empire), and want to stay informed on what the headlines don’t cover, then I invite you to try us out. Our special operations and intelligence veterans track the day-to-day risk of global and domestic conflict. If you’re not happy within the first two weeks, I’ll refund your monthly or annual subscription cost – no questions asked. You can get access to our intelligence reporting and training area here.

Mike Shelby is a former Intelligence NCO and contractor. He's now the CEO of Forward Observer.


  1. Thanks for the compare-and-contrast between the Civil War and Civil Rights: the difference between demanding dominance and demanding equality.

    Good illustration.

    Everybody has seen for some time the shift from actual inequalities due for evening out, to one of inventing oppression and claiming victimhood for everything and nothing ad absurdum, which is why the whole leftist bandwagon jumped the shark NLT the early 1970s, if not the late 1960s.

    The radical Left and anarcho-socialists tried to take over by open warfare, and most of them who were serious got their heads handed to them; the rest, who mainly could do the math on traditional conflict, shifted to The Long March, while the Right declared victory and then engaged in studied isolationism from the cultural warfare which has run along unabated in the West since the 1860s, if not the French Revolution, which is how we got where we are now.

    Now that they’ve shifted to the open and unabashed quest for dominance again, they’re going to have to learn the hard way that such behavior begets wars of survival, which is why the poly-foci conflict you describe is going to eventually resemble not buffalo fighting for a mate, but buffalo fighting with lions – to see whether one of them goes on the menu.

    At the end of the day, they either back down, or else one or the other won’t be going home at the end of that struggle.

  2. The left’s insistence upon mass immigration is ultimately about dominance through the ballot, yes, but more — it’s about destroying the individualist culture, creating conflict, ensuring dependency, resentment, and achieving maximum influence through divide-and-rule politics made possible through the reckless pursuit of “diversity.”

  3. I have a pretty good memory of growing up in the 60’s and seeing first hand the protests and rioting in Cambridge and Boston Ma.
    Prior to the “festivities” there where all sorts of “peoples” fairs and festivals, Earth Day in the parks kind of red diaper baby/radical chic as cover to radicalize the gullible and unwary. Blank Panther and Wimmin’s movements handing out flowers and brotherly love. Hippi’s, free concerts, pretty stoned horny college girls, all that kind of stuff. Not that anyone minded, lot of these things where fun to go to when your a pre and young teenager.
    When things turn bad it happened fast. Even back then it was incongruous that the “race rioting” looting, burning, not any different than the recent Ferguson Ms, or the Watts riots in 1964-66.
    Its amazing how quickly, and the extent of destruction that takes place.

    My grand dad, me and a handful of his friends, drove into the heart of the worse rioting where we had a estate sale leftovers/antiques business in an old supermarket building just outside Harvard Square, we went in about 3am with a large flatbed truck to save the more valuable items and business critical items before the building was burned down. Everyone including myself, a 10 year old boy had weapons and set up a an OP on the roof like Roof Korean’s while the rest loaded up the truck.
    We was all rural NH boys, grew up hunting trapping and shooting, so we had all a pretty good attitude and situational awareness for being armed and ready to use them. Didnt have any use for these rioters, commie actors, which interestingly where mostly radical white upper middle class to wealthy trust fund brats out of the old Brahman and Judea/Puritan old deep monied families, lot of them decendents of colonial loyalists and Fabian’s, what we all know now as cultural marxists and their elitist society of NewEngland. ZOf course I wasn’t aware as a kid of these things, though these people and what they where doing, as a kid your radar is on Red Alert, and with looking with my own eyes and listening to the Men around me growing up I went on to understand the marxist/elitist roots of these dirty stinkin’ commies.

    I see today many circular features of how the marxian history of the human extinction movement comes around, how communism/totalitarianism, and the “little totalitarians” among us, repeats itself in certain definitive ways. That if you don’t have living actual real life situational awareness of the last full marxian cycle, I can see how many are ignorant and or incapable of understanding never mind preparing themselves for the present cycle and just how far they are intimating they are willing to go to destroy us Men of The West and our Christian Greco/Roman based culture and mores. Or so they think they will destroy us, in some white genocide employing the tactics and strategy of pogrom used to wipe out other “undesirables” thru history. Of course the revisionists and humanists have tirelessly strived to memory hole history of the clues to how evil they are and the timeless excellent examples of resistance and defiance of and to them.
    This last feature looks to me as an extra added and concerted effort to balance the outcome of history in their favor that they havent employed previously to the extent they are now in this cycle.
    There’s a certain urgent and time sensitive cautionary intelligence factor of the revisionists strategy, the tactics of which looks like are very handy instruments in thought policing and shutting down the message of Liberty and self determination. From destroying statues, burning down museums and other repositories of culture, science, religion, and history, desecrating symbols of the Great Western precepts, and attacking everything and anybody who represents truths of this hive mind evil.

    Looking back, and seeing today’s marxist radical efforts, there is the hand of the old last cycles “revolutions heroes” at work in todays cycle. I think they are in a conundrum as to how they can workaround their failure to disarm us “Deplorable’s”. I do believe in no uncertain terms, this was to be the 2nd Clinton regime’s main priority, to disarm America, and in the process create the type of chaos most suitable to bring their agenda of order, 1 world type, to fruition. The chaos part a 1000% guarantee, of happening. The order part not so much, probably not even close, but chaos nonetheless.

    See, I think not only have events of late not gone the way, presumed beneficial to the cabal, but to them there is unexpected vigor, audacity and motive power in the dirt people. That not only has disarmament been an abject failure, because of their wonton zeal to cross that sacred line of primal birthright of individual and collective peoples arms, they have created an entire generation of armed, prepared, and alarmed American’s.
    My point here is the hour is growing late for the 60’s radical chic commie retreads, too many set backs, too much resistance, alarming existential defiance, and regardless of decades of revisionist efforts to deny American’s knowledge of their legacy of Liberty, the exact opposite of a zeitgeist is underway, that easily evolves into a righteous grass roots resistance that is all but impossible to defeat.
    Yet like anything with massive inertia, it cant stop, even if it wanted to. Like the pig, the fucking dirty stinking commies are committed.
    Its what desperate human extinction movement operatives and actors will do that we got to be aware and prepared for.
    Desperate tyrants do desperate things in times of desperation.

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