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Daily SA: USDA investigates meat price-fixing

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  • USDA investigates meat price-fixing
  • Natural Gas price increases
  • Special Forces’ resistance plans
  • DOJ sues over Texas SB8
  • Biden order sparks outrage

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MEAT: The Biden administration plans on distributing $1.4 billion in pandemic stimulus to small meat producers and “crack down on illegal price fixing.” The administration is blaming meat companies directly for raising prices beyond what is actually necessary to cover costs. Large meat processors, such as Tyson, have responded by rejecting the administration’s claims. CPI data shows that beef prices are up 6.5% year-over-year, poultry 5.3%, and pork 7.8%. (Analyst Comment: The USDA and DoJ are conducting price-fixing investigations in the chicken industry, with the hopes to bring prices down. The administration has been pressured by bipartisan legislation to negotiate with the meat market and try to bring prices down for consumers. -T.W.)

NATURAL GAS: Natural gas prices have doubled over the past year. Goldman Sachs analysts believe that natural gas will keep rising, especially if there is a cold winter ahead. Consumers who are dependent on natural gas for heat and utilities would be caught in the crosshairs, and companies that use natural gas for production purposes would likely have to increase the prices of the goods they are producing, further driving up the price for many goods beyond natural gas. -T.W. (AC: The projected price increases do not include new taxes and use fees expected in the multi-trillion dollar Congressional spending bills, which would drive prices beyond simple market pressures for many energy customers. – D.M.)

RESISTANCE: The new 1st Special Forces Command guidance indicates a return to unconventional warfare and less direct action. Major Gen. Brennan said Special Operations Forces will be used to foster resistance movements in the era of Great Power Competition. In Europe, the multilateral Resistance Operating Concept aims to counter Russian influence, activities, and aggression. (AC: China is only mentioned on a single page in a vignette about stopping port construction in the fictional West African nation of Naruvu, resulting in seizure of the lands by the local government. While fictional, it indicates the multi-domain methodology of the U.S. going forward. – D.M.)

JUSTICE: Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a Department of Justice lawsuit against Texas for SB8. The lawsuit claims Texas passed the anti-abortion law “in open defiance of the Constitution.” Texas’ governor Abott remains confident his state will prevail in the eventual Supreme Court showdown. Texas’ Attorney General said the President’s focus should be on the “countless other disasters instead of meddling in state’s sovereign rights.” (AC: Texas’ construction of the law and the Supreme Court’s initial ruling indicate they will prevail in another scope-based ruling. The Biden administration is concerned Roe v. Wade will be overturned as a heavily politicized judiciary comes back to haunt Democrats. Regardless of outcome, this will cause ongoing protests and likely clashes between pro-life groups and pro-abortion activists. – D.M.)

MANDATES: President Joe Biden signed an executive order mandating vaccinations for all federal employees and contractors. Private companies with 100 or more employees will be subjected to a fine per violation unless all employees are vaccinated or tested weekly. Several businesses and state governors announced they will not be complying with the Department of Labor rules and filing lawsuits. (AC: Max has more about the Low Intensity Conflict implications of the new mandate on today’s InFocus. – D.M.)


HURRICANE SEASON: The tropical wave over Central America is likely to form a Tropical Depression this weekend. Heavy rains are expected for the western Gulf Coast as the system will join with a surface trough north of the Yucatan Peninsula. According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Larry will continue producing large swells and life-threatening surf conditions along the northern Atlantic coast. 

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