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DailySA: Calls for U.S. in Ukraine after Bucha massacre

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  • Calls for U.S. in Ukraine after Bucha massacre
  • Australians 3D print hypersonic scramjet in three weeks
  • Hackers disguised as police steal user data from Big Tech
  • Germany to raise food prices by 20-50%


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CALLS FOR U.S. IN UKRAINE AFTER BUCHA MASSACRE: After Russia’s military withdrawal from the Kyiv Oblast, videos and images of executed civilians began appearing on social media. The videos show the near indiscriminate execution of military-aged males on public streets. In response, Secretary of State Blinken said, “We’re (the U.S.) tightening the existing sanctions. We’re adding new ones.” (Analyst Comment: Blinken’s declaration of Putin’s war crimes prior to the Bucha videos is likely to increase calls for US and NATO military intervention in Ukraine. – D.M.)

AUSTRALIANS 3D PRINT HYPERSONIC SCRAMJET IN THREE WEEKS: An Australian company claims it can 3D print a hypersonic scramjet engine in three weeks. The company, Hypersonix, along with the University of Southern Queensland, was awarded a $2.9 million grant from the Australian government to develop its DART CMP reusable hypersonic UAV that can travel at Mach 12 and is powered by a hydrogen engine. (AC: Hypersonix prototype vehicle is a huge leap forward in hypersonic weapons production. The U.S. is experiencing delays in its own hypersonic program after three consecutive test failures during booster-engine trials. The U.S. is attempting to field its first hypersonic weapon in FY 23. – M.M.)

HACKERS DISGUISED AS POLICE STEAL USER DATA FROM BIG TECH: Apple and Meta are reported to have disclosed customer data to hacker groups disguising their identity as law enforcement officials. The extent of user compromise is not disclosed by the companies; however, common data provided were customers’ addresses, phone numbers, and IP addresses. The data was obtained using an “emergency data request,” which does not require a warrant or subpoena. (AC: Social engineering remains a major vulnerability due to human nature. Large corporations with sizable security budgets can still be compromised by human manipulation. – D.F.)

GERMANY TO RAISE FOOD PRICES BY 20-50%: In further signs the Ukraine-Russia conflict is straining Europe, German retailers announced that food prices would increase by 20-50% this week. Inflation in Germany hit 7.6% in February, which had already fueled price hikes throughout the country. Grocery stores report “panic buying” resembling early in the 2020 pandemic. – M.S.

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