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DailySA: China: Beware color revolutions

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CHINA: BEWARE COLOR REVOLUTIONS: Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe warned central Asian countries to be aware of U.S.-backed “color revolutions” seeking to topple current governments. “China firmly opposes external forces deliberately instigating a ‘color revolution’ in Kazakhstan,” Wei said. China has offered to increase external support to the Kazakh government and other central Asian nations. – M.S.

RUSSIA: UKRAINE TO BREAK INTO SEVERAL STATES: The head of Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Petrushev warned yesterday that Western policy on Ukraine will lead to the breakup of the country into several states. – M.S.

AUSTRALIA: PREPARE FOR WAR: During a speech on Anzac Day, Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton warned that the country needed to prepare for war, citing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and increased Chinese aggression in the Pacific. “We’re in a period very similar to the 1930s now and I think there were a lot of people in the 1930s who wish they had spoken up much earlier into the decade,” Dutton said. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the U.S. and Australia share a “red line” on China establishing a military base in the Solomon Islands. – M.S.

PAKISTANI SUICIDE BOMBER KILLS CHINESE NATIONALS: A female suicide bomber targeted the Confucius Institue at Karachi University on Monday. The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claimed credit for the attack, which killed three Chinese nationals. The BLA has previously conducted direct fire attacks against Pakistani security forces, and terror attacks against Chinese-backed infrastructure projects in Pakistan. – M.S.

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