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DailySA: Global water shortages on the rise

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GLOBAL WATER SHORTAGES ON THE RISE: Global water demands have increased at a rate double that of the human population over the last 100 years. A new study investigating the effects of climate change and farming on water levels in the soil indicates water scarcity is likely to worsen in 80% of crop lands across the globe by 2050, and 60% of those affected croplands will face a loss of water supply. – R.P.

POLAND IS ‘RABID, ON VERGE OF MADNESS’: Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Poland’s behavior is causing the decline in relations. “We are now seeing what a rabid, on the verge of madness, position the Polish authorities are taking. What will happen next, now hardly anyone will dare to predict. Because it’s just not possible,” Peskov said. – D.M.

PRESIDENT BIDEN VISITS TOKYO, ABANDONS STRATEGIC AMBIGUITY ON TAIWAN: On Monday, in a joint press conference with Japan’s President Fumio Kishida, President Biden stated that if Taiwan were attacked by China, the U.S. would come to its defense. This is the first time a President has openly stated that the U.S. would defend Taiwan against China and is a significant marker that the U.S. is abandoning both the concept of strategic ambiguity and its former “one China” policy. Beijing responded by saying the issue is “purely a Chinese internal affair which brooks no further interference… Nobody should stand against the 1.4 billion Chinese people”. – M.M.

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