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DailySA: Haiti begs for U.S. troops to put down Haitian gangs

Good morning. Here’s your Daily Situational Awareness for Thursday, 13 October 2022.

RUSSIA’S “GENERAL ARMAGEDDON” TAKES COMMAND IN UKRAINE: Kremlin officials announced general Sergei Surovikin is the new Commander of Russian forces in Ukraine. Some analysts believe the move is in response to the Kerch Strait bridge incident. Surovikin is known for his brutality and ruthlessness during operations in Syria and Chechnya, which earned him the moniker “General Armageddon.” He is also believed to be one of Russia’s “most capable generals” and is often compared to the Soviet’s famous WWII leader Marshal Zhukov. Surovikin is a highly controversial figure and has been the center of Syrian human rights investigations.

U.S. PULLS VISAS OF HAITIAN CRIMINAL AND GOVT LEADERS; PROMISES ASSISTANCE: According to senior U.S. officials, the U.S. government will revoke the U.S. visas of Haitian government officials thought to be cooperating with or part of criminal organizations. The U.S. also promised to provide security and humanitarian assistance but declined to say when, how and what kind of assistance it will provide. U.S. Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Brian Nichols flew to Haiti Wednesday to meet with politicians and civil society leaders, including Prime Minister Ariel Henry and a political opposition group pushing for a two-year transitional government. The group also rejected Henry’s call for foreign troops.

CHINA NOW FOCUSED ON DOMESTIC INTERESTS OVER WORLD CONCERNS: A spokesperson for the Chinese Communist Party said Wednesday that China has “prioritized national interests” and displayed a “fighting spirit” that will focus on domestic issues ahead of dealings with other countries. Wednesday’s press statement reportedly came from a foreign policy review under the leadership of President Xi Jinping. The review was held during a four-day plenum and was the last meeting of the CCP Central Committee ahead of the CCP Congress on 16 October.

SOUTH KOREA CONSIDERS GOING NUCLEAR: South Korean President Yoon announced his country is considering the deployment of nuclear weapons, citing the threat from North Korea. Yoon broke from his previous stance of nuclear non-proliferation, saying it was a priority for his country to “pursue effective and reinforced implementation of extended deterrence under any circumstances.” Yoon added he is “listening to” and “examining” opinions from domestic advisors and the United States. Following Yoon’s comments, South Korean officials made clear that “no change” had been made in the country’s defensive plans saying, “It is too soon to make a public announcement.”

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