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DailySA: Jan 6 primetime show wants to overhaul voting

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JAN 6 PRIMETIME SHOW WANTS TO OVERHAUL VOTING: The House committee investigating the Jan 6 Capitol Hill protest is struggling to reach a consensus on their recommendations. Instead, lawmakers will use their highly produced primetime broadcast to reintroduce abolishing the electoral college, overhaul the Electoral Count Act, pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and the For the People Act. Rep. Cheney (R-WY) said the committee risks losing credibility by suggesting outlandish responses. – D.M.

HOUSE TO VOTE ON GUN LAWS: The House of Representatives will vote this week on eight new bills designed to reduce gun violence. The plans include raising the age to purchase weapons to 21, magazine limits, storage requirements, and some form of increased mental health spending. Rep. Mikie Sherill (D-NJ) said the legislative package is “pretty much dead on arrival in the Senate,” but Democrats want Republicans to be “on the record” with a vote on each bill. – D.M.

ABBOTT NUTRITION RESTARTS BABY FORMULA PLANT IN MICHIGAN: Abbott Nutrition announced this weekend that it was restarting its infant formula plant in Michigan that was closed by the Food and Drug Administration in February. The closure resulted in a massive shortage of infant formula. The FDA conducted an investigation into possible bacterial contamination at the plant but found no evidence that linked the plant to four cases of infections that occurred last September. The Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services has announced an audit of the FDA’s closure order and baby formula recall. – M.M.

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